Graitec Releases Advance PowerPack, Advance Design v2021

Also releases Advance Workshop, Graitec Opentree v2021

GRAITEC, a truly international BIM, design, simulation, fabrication and data management software developer for AEC, and Autodesk Partner across Europe, Russia, USA & Canada is delighted to announce the availability the new version 2021 of its flagship products: Advance PowerPackAdvance DesignAdvance Workshop and Graitec Opentree.

Graitec is a BIM software company helping customers to digitize their processes in the design, fabrication and construction space. These products are organized and sold around our 4 main business pillars:

  • Create: all products related to model creation & detailed design. This involves many Autodesk products (Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Advance Steel, etc.) and our Advance PowerPack add-ons.
    Main product: Advance PowerPack
  • Simulate: all products helping our customers to enrich BIM models with simulation data and better optimize projects. Also making sure that designs are compliant with local construction codes, from a structural or thermal point of view.
    Main product: Advance Design
  • Fabricate: all products taking the design data and bringing it to workshop for automating the fabrication. We are talking about stock management, material optimisation (nesting), driving machines (NC coding), monitoring time and costs, loading trucks and delivery to sites.
    Main product: Advance Workshop
  • Manage: all products helping customers to manage W.I.P (Work in Progress) data across the project, managing revision/versions, standards and the publication of project information into CDEs and helping compliancy with the new ISO 19650 international BIM standard.
    Main product: Graitec Opentree

Release 2021 introduces major changes in the product structure and brings a huge number of new functionalities aiming to facilitate and secure BIM workflows across architects, engineers and manufacturers, increase efficiency and ease of use and address loyal customer’s feedback and ideas.

Advance PowerPack 2021

Advance PowerPack is a set of add-ons for Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Advance Steel, Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Vault. They have enriched the 2021 version with more than 60 new functionalities helping customers to accelerate model creation, save clicks, better control their models and of course comply with the latest Autodesk versions. We also have structured the product into 3 packages:

  • Standard: productivity tools for enhancing Autodesk Revit daily use
  • Professional: an advanced set of tools maximizing the effectiveness of Autodesk Revit or Advance Steel (details on The professional package also includes a dedicated telephone support contract.
  • Premium: a dedicated version that is discipline-specific. Release 2021 is launched with 2 premium packages addressing either rebar detailers or steel detailers. The premium package also includes a dedicated telephone support contract.

For the Premium version, this is extended further with a Graitec Design extension (Powered by Graitec Advance Design) enabling the PowerPack to automatically design and details reinforced concrete members according to Eurocodes, American or Canadian codes.

  • Top 5 new functionalities:
  • Enhanced pipe openings tools to better manage intersections with circular walls.
  • Several new detailing tools to manage rebar projects: bars around openings, rebar sets on edges, tick and tag in one click, split and crank bars, create-assign and manage bars per layers, etc.
  • Batch export tools to quickly export Revit Projects and Revit views into multiple target formats.
  • Advanced integration between Autodesk Advance Steel, Autodesk Revit and Advance Design.
  • Stairs & Railings macros: special part treads, nosing bars, stringer extensions, double post railings

Advance Design 2021

Available so far with a Standard package (finite element, climatic load generation) or a Premium package (reinforced concrete, steel, and timber design codes), Advance Design 2021 now comes with an Ultimate package including detailed Design and Detailing for Reinforced Concrete beams, columns, footings, walls and slabs. Just pick a member in the 3D model and get the design intent and the rebar detail in the same environment without the need to export and import in another environment, losing time and data quality.

On top of this innovation, version 2021 is coming with more than 40 new functionalities.

  • Top 5 new functionalities:
  • Pushover analysis to predict the non-linear behavior of steel and concrete members in complex projects.
  • New Design to Detailing process allowing to fully manage reinforced concrete projects in a unified environment.
  • New super-element functionality to group elements together for detailed design code checks.
  • Design at stages for bigger flexibility when designing complete 3D projects.
  •  Advanced Punching Shear verification with more detailed results for the punching required reinforcement.

Advance Workshop 2021

Advance Workshop 2021 comes with a key innovation: having merged our historic Advance Workshop product focused on Steel workshop management with the Arma+ technology acquired by Graitec in July 2018. This technology was focused on managing rebar and prefabricated concrete workshop. So Advance Workshop 2021 is now an unified product addressing steel, rebar, or prefabrication workshops and factories.

  • Top 5 new functionalities:
  • Unification of Rebar, Steel, Concrete precast, and Building finishing industries on the same workshop platform.
  • Cloud Tracking Material functionality allowing engineering, sites, and manufacturers to collaborate from design to call for production and onsite delivery sharing the fabrication progress of every single rebar of a project
  • Open script for machine assignation, user can customize technical and economical machine script for assignment tuning and automatic BOM and process route generation.
  • Just in time fabrication, logistic pulls fabrication. Reduce semi-finish inventory and make handling more fluent.
  • Process IFC files from BIM models for 3D part geometries processes

Graitec Opentree 2021

Graitec Opentree comes as a major release of the original British “Cabinet” technology acquired by Graitec in January 2019. This version comes with major improvements helping Architects, Engineers and Contractors manage all of their W.I.P project data in one place before the collaboration with the CDE (Common Data Environment).

  • Top 5 new functionalities:
  • ISO 19650 Template & Workflow Management
  • The ability to manage AutoCAD LT®, AutoCAD® & Revit® files and standards
  • Manage multiple projects and delivery to ALL of the most common CDE environments
  • Control, through workflow signoff – all of the data and archiving
  • Reduce document search times by up to 80%

Says Steve Houlder, Graitec COO: “With this latest 2021 release of our software, we have the ability to take conceptual model data through to fabrication and site delivery through our unique partnership with Autodesk and Graitec products. We make “ideas happen” – not just on paper, but through our ability to fabricate and construct…this end to end solution, as we move more toward more pre-fabrication will continue to make the process and workflow far easier for our clients, and in the end save time and money and reduce mistakes.”

Says Manuel Liedot, Graitec CEO: “We help our customers to create data-rich models enabling the best possible design decisions to be made, simulate their behavior to make them perform better, fabricate as automatically as possible, driving down the costs of time and resources and manage data all along the process. With release 2021, we have made a huge step forward in integrating our technologies and help our customers to accelerate their BIM journey.”


Founded in 1986, GRAITEC is an international group helping construction and manufacturing professionals achieving successfully their digital transformation by providing BIM and Industry 4.0 software and consultancy. Graitec is a developer of high-performance BIM applications as well as an Autodesk Platinum Partner in Europe and Gold Autodesk Partner in North America and Russia.

Operating throughout 48 offices across 13 countries worldwide, GRAITEC offers its clients an extensive range of established software solutions combined with the full portfolio of Autodesk products and BIM suites which help address the most demanding projects needs and maximize productivity, efficiency and performance. With more than 550 employees amongst which there are 200 BIM consultants, GRAITEC is an innovation focused company whose products are used by more than 100,000 construction professionals worldwide.

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