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FARO Launches Freestyle 2 Portable 3D Scanner

FARO Technologies, Inc. has announced the release of its portable handheld 3D forensic scanner: Freestyle 2. Ideal for investigators and reconstructionists who require fast and complete scene documentation, Freestyle 2 provides immediate real-time visualizations with photorealistic reality capture capabilities.

Freestyle 2

Versatile and lightweight, Freestyle 2 can scan distances ranging from 0.4m to 10m or from small discrete objects at a crime scene investigation to entire vehicles (interior and exterior) as well as interior scenes. This is all made possible by the scanner’s infrared laser, which projects a 100 x 100 grid of invisible dots onto the target and is interpreted by two cameras built into the device’s T-shaped extremities. When used in conjunction with the color capture camera, all work in concert to create photorealistic images in real time. Combined with a proprietary tracking engine that enables users to make natural movements while scanning, the handheld device is easy to use even for untrained operators.

Designed for normally illuminated interiors and outdoor spaces (10,000-45,000 lux) including overcast conditions, Freestyle 2 is also capable of generating usable data even in complete darkness. Thus, documenting scenes has never been easier. In addition, the device’s one-hand operation leaves the operator’s other hand free to open doors, balance or brace themself against objects for a better, more stable capturing angle, and provides the ultimate on-scene flexibility to reach in, under, and around objects. Plus, haptic feedback alerts the operator when adjustments are required to the user’s scanning technique to ensure the highest quality data is always being captured.

As a fully self-contained solution, with Freestyle 2 there is no bulky computer to worry about, no tablet to carry, no annual calibration, and no long cables to trip over or interfere with your shot. Eliminating these restrictions provides for easier completion of white balance calculations as well as on-site compensation. The device also features a training mode that generates a live display of data capture quality along with integrated training videos.

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SHINING 3D Launches EinScan Pro HD

HANGZHOU, China, June 18, 2020 – SHINING 3D launches EinScan Pro HD multi-functional handheld 3D scanner. Inherited multi-functional and modular design of EinScan Pro series handheld 3D scanner, EinScan Pro HD delivers unparalleled performance in capturing high resolution and accuracy by handheld scanning. Exceptional versatility and powerful optimizations come together for the ultimate high-efficiency and professional-grade 3D scanning experience. It is reliable assistant for designers and engineers who care about high quality 3D modeling.

Impressive High Resolution for Fine Details

By adopting a new structure light projection modular, the stripe pattern scanning which was traditionally used in Fixed Scan Mode is now utilized to Handheld HD Scan Mode. By 0.2mm minimum point distance setting with optimized algorithm, it brings high resolution and accuracy in handheld scanning as good as under fixed scan. 

Less Limitations of Scan Objects

With new lighting projection hardware and software algorithm, EinScan Pro HD is capable to scan a wider range of objects of dark or black color and casting metal surface, enriching the capability for 3D scanning of materials.

Fast Scanning Speed and Data Transmission

EinScan Pro HD has a dramatic breakthrough in scanning capability, and USB 3.0 provides high speed data transmission even scanning objects with complex details.

Classic Inherit in the Features of EinScan Pro Series Handheld 3D Scanner

Multi-Functional Scanning

Multiple scan modes and alignments extend your scanning experience for more applications. Users can select different modules for requirements. Offering both high accuracy and efficiency, EinScan Pro HD is a reliable assistant to start your creation.

High Accuracy for High Quality 3D Modeling

By kinds of positioning methods, both scanner or objects can be moved during scanning. It delivers accuracy up to 0.04 mm in Fixed Scan Mode. Under handheld scanning mode by marker alignment, the volumetric accuracy is up to 0.045mm+0.3mm/m. 

Full-color Texture

Get the full-color texture and geometry fast using Color Pack. At the same time, rich color can  assist data alignment. 

ExScan Pro

Developed by SHINING 3D , ExScan Pro is professional software for 3D scanning and data processing with a collection of both scan and mesh editing tools for generating high-quality 3D models. Either novice or experienced users can easily scan for high quality 3D data. ExScan Pro software and upgrade are free to all users.

Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition

EinScan Pro HD, including Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition with the mainstream 3D CAD design functions, brings a convenient and powerful 3D design tool to help achieve your creative ideas.

Versatile Applications

For Higher Efficiency & Quality

  • Manufacturing & Reverse Engineering
  • 3D Modeling for Customized Product and Service via 3D Printing

For Unlimited Inspiration

  • Art & Heritage
  • Design

For A Healthier Life

  • Digital Medical Analysis
  • Orthotics & Prosthetics

For Creative Imagination

  • Virtual Display


SHINING 3D, founded in 2004, is pioneering independent research and the development of 3D digitizing and additive manufacturing technologies, owning over 300 patents and more than 100 copyrights. SHINING 3D is well-positioned in the market and has the capacity to manufacture 3D products at a large scale, offer powerful 3D digital technologies, and provide strong support service worldwide. SHINING 3D’s mission is to improve the efficiency of high-quality 3D modeling, to enable flexible production of high performance, complex structure parts, and to make 3D digitizing and additive manufacturing technologies accessible to all; from large multi-national corporations worldwide to at home hobbyist.

Providing solutions covering “3D Digitizing – Intelligent Design –Additive Manufacturing” for industrial manufacturing, healthcare & life science, product customization and education, etc. SHINING 3D promotes the 3D digital solution at a large scale by offering from end-to-end, easy-to-use and cost-effective product

Roland Launches TrueVIS VF2-640 Wide-Format Printer

IRVINE, CA, June 15, 2020 – Roland DGA Corp., a leading provider of advanced digital imaging devices, has announced the launch of its new TrueVIS VF2-640 – a 64-inch eco-solvent wide-format printer designed to provide unparalleled color gamut expansion and unsurpassed print quality. The VF2-640 offers users a whole new level of color control and vibrancy, making it easy to produce color-accurate signs, vehicle graphics, labels, decals, and heat transfer apparel that exceed customer expectations.

The first “print-only” model to be offered within Roland DG’s TrueVIS series, the VF2-640 inherits a host of features from the award-winning TrueVIS VG2 series of printer/cutters. That next-generation technology, combined with the added ability to produce previously unattainable colors, enables the VF2 to deliver truly amazing results. Along with the VF2 comes a new TR2 Green ink which, when combined with vibrant TR2 Orange ink in process colors, allows for a significantly wider gamut. This specially formulated TR2 Green ink is also now available for use with the TrueVIS VG2 series. Like VG2-printed graphics, output produced by the VF2 with standard TR2 inks has earned both the 3M MCS Warranty and the Avery Dennison™ ICS Performance Guarantee, providing customers with assurance of the quality and durability of their graphics.

The VF2-640 features a new True Rich Color 2 Preset, which maximizes the potential of this printer and its wide-gamut, GREENGUARD Gold certified inks. The True Rich Color 2 Preset enables users to combine vibrant colors with neutral grays, smooth gradations, and natural skin tones to produce vivid, photorealistic output. The expansion of Green colors in True Rich Color 2 provides additional process colors, while a Green Roland DG Color System Library with 142 newly available spot colors allows for enhanced color matching and reproduction.

The VF2 incorporates four state-of-the-art FlexFire print heads for unmatched color vibrancy and outstanding detail, even in high-speed modes. It also boasts a new, even more stable TU4 media take-up with two modes for optimum versatility, a newly designed pinch roller system for simple media loading and improved tracking accuracy, and smart new media clamps that increase ease of use and streamline workflow. For greater convenience, the VF2 is equipped with Roland DG Mobile 2 – an innovative feature that lets you test-print, clean and troubleshoot from your tablet or smartphone.

The VF2 can be seamlessly paired with Roland DG’s GR-640 large-format cutter, or a Roland DG Pro series cutter, for the high-productivity, precision cutting of decals, labels, heat transfers, and other print and cut applications. Print/cut data can be automatically processed by the included VersaWorks 6 RIP software, for maximum production efficiency.

“With the addition of new TR2 Green ink and TR2 Orange ink, the VF2-640 is perfect for print service providers who want to increase their wide-gamut printing capabilities and expand their product offerings,” said Daniel Valade, Roland DGA product manager of Digital Print. “The VF2 is also an unbeatable machine for those who prefer a ‘print-then-cut’ workflow. It offers incredible color and quality across a variety of media substrates, plus the productivity and legendary Roland DG reliability needed in the most demanding print environments.”

The VF2-640 comes with a Two-Year Trouble-Free Warranty and Roland DGA’s world-class customer service and support.

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About Roland DGA Corp.

Roland DGA Corp. serves North and South America as the marketing, sales, distribution and service arm for Roland DG Corporation. Founded in 1981 and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Roland DG of Hamamatsu, Japan is a worldwide leader in wide-format inkjet printers for the sign, apparel, textile, personalization and vehicle graphics markets; engravers for awards, giftware and ADA signage; photo impact printers for direct part marking; and 3D printers and CNC milling machines for the dental CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping, part manufacturing and medical industries.