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Andela Expands Remote Engineering across Africa

NEW YORK, NY, July 2, 2020 – Andela, the global talent network that helps companies build remote engineering teams, will now accept engineers from all African countries, expanding its presence from six countries to the entire continent. In doing so, the company will double its existing talent pool to more than 500,000 engineers and significantly increase the variety of skills and experience levels available to companies all over the world.

Andela helps its customers, which include CloudflareWellioViacomCBS, and Women Who Code, gain access to high-quality software engineers who work as long-term, embedded team members. Today’s news will further enable companies that work with Andela to source the talent they need, when they need it, by providing access to additional talent pools across the continent with an even greater diversity of skills and backgrounds.

Jeremy Johnson, Andela co-founder and CEO says, “Over the past five years, we have become experts at identifying engineering excellence from nontraditional backgrounds. We know that there are extremely talented engineers across Africa and we believe that opportunity should not be limited by proximity to a major tech hub. Being a remote-first engineering organization allows us to open up access to Andela for engineers across the continent.”

“By removing restrictions on location, we will double our pool of potential talent to the roughly 500,000 engineers in Africa who can now leverage Andela to work with top international engineering teams. Ultimately, our goal is to break down the barriers that prevent talent and opportunity from connecting by providing an easier, more efficient way for companies to scale global engineering teams.”

In the US, despite the economic downturn, high growth companies continue to need more engineering talent, and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are more open than ever to that talent being remote. Johnson concludes, “The world is beginning to realize that remote work is going to be a major catalyst for the democratization of opportunity. Luckily, engineering leaders already know that remote work works if you have the right processes and systems in place, and they are at the forefront of this change. By doubling our talent pool, we’re proud to help accelerate their critical work of building the future.”

About Andela

Andela is an engineering-as-a-service business that helps companies build remote teams quickly and cost-effectively. They have 1,000+ software engineers working as full-time, embedded members of development teams at over 200 leading tech companies.

Andela is headquartered in New York, and has a globally distributed team. They are backed by investors including Spark Capital, Generation Investment Management, Serena Ventures, Chan Zuckerberg Education, and Omidyar Network.

Origin Updated CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS

TORONTO, Canada, July 2, 2020 – Origin’s new CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS release includes a number of features wanted by aerospace, defense, automotive and machinery customers looking for lean manufacturing and digital thread solutions.

Here are some examples:

Lean Manufacturing – Critical features needed to align parts on inspection features were impossible to measure repeatedly. The new release of CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS turns these features into virtual features. They can be measured with precision every time and measurement results can be used in GD&T analysis.  This is critical for manufacturing engineers as they set up to manufacture assemblies made from stamping, machining and welding.

Digital Thread – Instead of plowing through numeric print outs – with this newest version – Origin CheckMate users will see In-Out tolerance conditions of geometry at a glance. The enhancement of CheckMate’s digital twin will enable it to display geometry condition as face colors on part models. Green shows good, red and blue show high or low. CheckMate also provides users with the same ability to use all MBD in the same automated programming workflow at the same time whether the source was DimXpert from SOLIDWORKS or annotations from NX, ProE, CATIA.

“While inspection has long been an afterthought, it’s become a core tool of manufacturing engineers,” said Murray Desnoyer, founder of Origin International. “In smart manufacturing and the digital thread, inspection is no longer a data archiving function. CheckMate’s ability to analyze the GD&T of inspection data in SOLIDWORKS gives manufacturing engineers a tool for machine utilization and throughput that they need and have never had.”

For a full profile of the features in the latest release of Origin’s CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS please visit the Origin website.

About Origin International Inc.

Since Origin’s founding in 1992 they have maintained a clear focus on dimensional metrology. Regardless of CAD source data, or dimensional measurement equipment (DME), be they CMM, articulating arms, laser trackers, laser scanners or photogrammetry equipment, Origin customers know they can rely on CheckMate to maximize their multi-million dollar investments in design and metrology hardware and software.

For more information on our company and products, please visit

ZWSOFT Launches ZWCAD 2021 Beta

GUANGZHOU, China, July 1, 2020 – ZWSOFT launched ZWCAD 2021 Beta, which smooths the way to faster display, finer visuals, and better user experience. If you wish for a speedy and pleasurable design process, this version will lighten your workload and mood.

Better Visuals Generated More Quickly

As the R&D leader of ZWCAD, Charles Zhao explained in the all-in-one CAx Interview, the second step to accelerate the drawing opening process, namely, data visualization was to be taken with the aid of multi-core CPUs and GPUs as well as parallel processing. Now, the promise has been fulfilled. In ZWCAD 2021 Beta, the reading of drawings becomes approximately 30% faster (compared with ZWCAD 2020) with a smoother display of objects.

Adjustable Transparency for Clearer Drawings

You can now specify the transparency of objects, hatches, references, layers, etc. to distinguish them. For higher efficiency, the transparency of objects in a layer can be set all at once.

More Precise Design at 4K Resolutions

If you own a 4K monitor, you can rest assured that ZWCAD 2021 Beta will bring a pleasing visual experience. You can, therefore, design more accurately without sore eyes.

Manage All Xrefs in One Manager

External files in the format of DWG, DWF, PDF, PNG, etc. are frequently used as references in CAD. In this version, all the Xref managers are merged into one so that you can conveniently check and manage them without switching between panels.

A Unique Layer for Each Viewport

Viewport layers allow you to vary the layer properties (layer color, line type, line weight, plot style, etc.) in each viewport without affecting those of the drawing. Hence, you can easily mark or highlight some specific parts to suit your needs.

Formulas Enable Faster Calculations

Now that table and field formulas are available, you can utilize formulas, such as Sum, Average, and Count in ZWCAD 2021 Beta like you do in Excel. As a result, calculating in the table and more specifically, creating bills of materials becomes effortless.

New features that improve user experience are far more than the ones mentioned above. For example, application developers can also have a better porting experience thanks to the upgrade of Visual Studio to 2017 version and APIs for Tool Palettes and Ribbon. Experiencing is believing, we warmly welcome you to give ZWCAD 2021 Beta a try.


ZWSOFT CO., LTD. (Guangzhou) is a reliable and innovative engineering software provider with its flagship products ZWCAD and ZW3D. Committed to providing complete and seamless user experience to worldwide users with its all-in-one CAx solutions, ZWSOFT has continuously satisfied diverse needs of various industries such as AEC and MFG. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, its products and service have been proven by over 900,000 clients across 90 countries.

ESTECO Announces Two Keynote Speakers for UM20

TRIESTE, Italy, July 1, 2020 – ESTECO confirmed the 9th edition of its International Users’ Meeting 2020 (UM20) as a hybrid event, on 30 September and 1 October. The company also announced the first two keynote speakers from major international companies: Takenaka Corp. and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

Every two years, the meeting dedicated to VOLTA and modeFRONTIER users brings together hundreds of engineers, designers and optimization experts from all over the world. For the first time since the first edition in 2004, this year the event is available free of charge – both remotely and on-site in Trieste, Italy. Visionary keynotes, state-of-the-art case studies and technology previews will describe how ESTECO solutions have been developed and used to help companies “Face the Future” of product development.

Among the first speakers confirmed, Toru Inaba, head office of the Computational Design Group at Takenaka, joins the UM20 agenda with the talk “Application of a collaborative web tool for structural design projects in the architectural field”. Proving the increasing popularity of simulation and optimization in building design, this presentation casts light on how Takenaka designers benefit from ESTECO’s VOLTA collaborative environment to share complex simulation projects and results.

Turning to the aerospace industry, Juan Montoro, conceptual design engineering manager at Lockheed Martin with 20 years of experience, is also confirmed as a keynote speaker. With the talk “The EXPEDITE program and the benefits of VOLTA as a server based MDO framework”, he will discuss the opportunity of moving Multidisciplinary Design Optimization from a desktop to a server based approach. The UM20 physical and virtual audience will get to know how Lockheed Martin engineers used VOLTA to foster MDO and optimize a close air support vehicle.

As the full agenda takes shape, these first keynote speakers confirm ESTECO UM20 as a cross-industry forum to track the latest engineering trends and methodologies. “While parametric design and artificial intelligence have recently stepped into the architectural field in the form of Generative Design,” explained Carlo Poloni, president of ESTECO, “ engineers in the aerospace industry boast a long-term experience with MDO. In both cases, the ability to capture, manage and share simulation and optimization data and processes are changing the game. This is how we’re making the difference and helping companies and designers face the future.”

With over 200 attendees expected, ESTECO aims at confirming soon 20 more speakers from companies like Ford Motor Company, IVECO and Israel Aerospace Industries, covering a wide range of industrial sectors. As in the past editions, the agenda will include VOLTA and modeFRONTIER training sessions, product roadmap and update presentations, as well as networking opportunities with industry professionals and ESTECO experts and developers.

“To better fit our customers’ needs in these uncertain times,” Carlo Poloni said, “All the sessions on the agenda will be available both remotely and on-site in Trieste (Italy), where we’ll take all the necessary measures to ensure participants a safe and engaging experience.”

For more information:

ESTECO Technologies, VOLTA and modeFRONTIER /

ESTECO International Users’ Meeting / 


ESTECO is an independent software provider, specialized in numerical optimization and simulation data management with a sound scientific foundation and a flexible approach to customer needs. With 20 years’ experience, the company supports leading organizations with enterprise-wide solutions for design optimization, simulation data management and process integration and automation. Over 300 international organizations have chosen ESTECO to consolidate specialized expertise, streamline teamwork and boost product development across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors.

VOLTA is a collaborative Web platform for simulation process and data management and design optimization.

modeFRONTIER is a comprehensive solution for process automation and optimization of the engineering design process.