Balluff Introduces M12 Series Capacitive Sensors

Balluff’s M12 series capacitive sensors detect nonmetallic objects or materials and accurately detect levels of liquids and solids. With electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and sensing faces composed of polyetheretherketone (PEEK), they provide chemical resistance. They are available with an IO-Link interface or with a conventional normally-open or normally-closed final stage, each with a push-pull function.

These capacitive sensors are suitable for detecting the presence of solids, but are equally good at detecting material or liquids like granulates, sugar, oil, and aqueous media through a nonmetal wall, such as packaging, glass or plastic, with a maximum thickness of 4 mm. Flush-mounted versions have a measuring range of 0.5…5 mm, while non-flush mounting versions have a measuring range of 0.5…8 mm.

The IO-Link versions can use IO-Link Device Manager software to configure features like full/empty calibration, switching setpoint, and output type. Standard versions include the BAE00MN M12 teach-adapter accessory. It makes it able to calibrate the sensor, setting the switching point sensitivity and limits, all using the adapter’s pushbutton.

For more information, visit Balluff website.

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