Afinia Announces H800 Desktop 3D Printer for $1,899

Afinia3D_new_logoCHANHASSEN, MN, Jan 2, 2015 – Afinia’s award-winning H-Series Desktop 3D printer family has a new member: The H800.

010215_AfiniaH800The Afinia H-Series debuted in 2012 and was named “Best Overall Experience”, “Easiest To Set Up”, and “Easiest To Use” over 14 3D printers in Make Magazine’s 2013 “Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing”. The review hailed the Afinia as a stand out, naming it “one of our favorite 3D printers”, and pointing out that “straight out of the box… we printed some of the best-looking examples of the challenge prints.” The review concluded with the high praise, “the Afinia offered the best printing quality with the least amount of effort”.

Then, in the 2014 Guide, the H-Series won “Just Hit Print”, and for 2015, won the “Reliable Performer” category over 26 3D printers. The Afinia H-Series is the only 3D printer series to win awards in all three of Make’s Ultimate Guides.

The H800 retains all of great “Out-of-the-Box” printing features of its predecessors (auto-leveling platform calibration and nozzle height detection) and adds a 10x8x8” build area in a fully-enclosed chamber with HEPA air filter. The heated build platform allows for both ABS and PLA filaments to be used with the system and prints with a layer-thickness as thin as 100 microns (.004”).

“The H800 is the next improvement in our desktop 3D printer product line.” remarked John Westrum, Afinia’s vice president. “Our customers in education, engineering and at home have asked us to bring our quality and award-winning support into an affordable larger unit. We feel like we have met their request in the H800. At $1,899, it is hundreds of dollars less than other 3D printers in its class.”

Afinia’s 3D printing software supports all the H-Series printers and imports STL files, which can be created with CAD/CAM software or downloaded from a growing number of online libraries. It then automatically generates the support material that the design requires for the print process. The Afinia H-Series connects to a PC or Mac with a USB cable. When printing, the Afinia stores the print job in its onboard memory, so users are free to unplug the USB cable. The Afinia 3D printer uses inexpensive plastic filament that is available in more than 20 different colors.

About Afinia

Afinia is a division of Microboards Technology LLC, is a leader in specialized printing solutions. Their twenty-year history includes leadership in disc duplication and labeling and, most recently, 3D printing. More information can be found at, Facebook , Twitter or by phone at 1.888.215.3966.

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