Verisurf Launches Programmable CMM Master

Verisurf_newlogoANAHEIM, CA, Aug 17, 2015 – Verisurf Software, Inc. launched the new CMM Master, programmable CMM system. The complete automated shop floor inspection system combines the power of Verisurf software with the Equator comparative gauge; the result is a fast, easy, accurate, affordable and portable programmable CMM system.

081715_CMM Master VerisurfVerisurf CMM Master can greatly increase throughput and reduce scrap rates, at a fraction of the cost of traditional CMM systems. The light weight and compact solution runs on single phase power with no need for costly compressed air supply. Completely portable, CMM Master can easily be configured for use on the shop floor or in the QA lab.

Automated or Manual Joystick Inspection

  • Online and Offline Part Programming – Programs can be created offline from CAD or online in “teach” mode using the CMM joystick
  • Multiple Part Alignment Methods – Align parts from simple 3-2-1 feature fitting or iterative best fit
  • Full Simulation and Collision Detection – Simulate measurement routines including probe scanning to help prevent potential CMM crashes before they occur
  • Flexible Reporting Options – Automatically generate AS9102 First Article Inspection Report; inspection data can be exported to other popular presentation formats including, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Adobe 3D PDF Viewer

“We are very excited to offer this complete programmable inspection solution powered by Verisurf Software. In keeping to our commitment of providing open solutions, the same software also enables quality engineers to program and run automated inspection routines on fixed gantry CMMs and other portable devices across the manufacturing enterprise. The goal is to increase efficiency while reducing customer training, data management and support costs,” said Ernie Husted, president of Verisurf Software, Inc.

Verisurf Software is a complete coordinate measurement CAD system with 3D surface modeling; traditional 2D drafting and 3D model associative GD&T. With Verisurf you can open any CAD model and can even use STL files to create CMM inspection plans to automate the inspection of 3D printed prototypes and additive manufactured parts.

The programmable Verisurf CMM Master is available through Verisurf and authorized Verisurf dealers.

About Verisurf

Verisurf Software, Inc. is a three dimensional measurement solutions company, committed to delivering advanced computer-aided surface analysis, inspection, tool building, assembly guidance and reverse engineering solutions. Verisurf solutions help manufacturers produce higher quality products in less time and at a lower cost with automated, model-based processes.

You can learn more about Verisurf at

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