Datakit Develops Library for 3MF Files

LYON, France, June 3, 2016 – Datakit, CAD data exchange software vendor, has developed a library to write 3MF files (3D Manufacturing Format).

3mf-fileWhile a STL file only defines the geometryof the model to print, the 3MF format can also define other data such as colors or materials to print.

This file format, created in 2015 by the 3MF consortium, is designed to become astandard for 3D printing. That is why Datakit, as an expert in data exchange, has worked on the development of a 3MF format writing library.

So, with CrossManager, the Datakit standalone converter, users can nowconvert models coming from many software (as CATIA, Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, NX, Creo Parametric…) to 3MF. They therefore have a simple way to get files compatible with most 3D printers.

Datakit has also integrated its 3MF writing to CrossCad/Ware: its SDK embeddable by software vendors in their own application.

Thus, CAD software vendors wishing to facilitate access to 3D printing to their users can nowprovide them seamlessly a 3MF export functionality.

3D printer manufacturers, 3D printing preparation software vendors and slicer vendors can also benefit from the import capabilities of CrossCad/Ware. It can enable their applications to import most CAD file formats, and to realize treatments on these files without worrying about the original format. Their users can therefore be able to directly import any file format to print it, instead of having to provide a neutral file format systematically.

Datakit also supports other formats widely used in the 3D printing field, such as STL, OBJ, COLLADA (.dae) and VRML.

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About Datakit

Datakit is a privately held and leading company founded in 1994, specialized in CAD data exchange solutions and services. It offers standalone converters, plug-ins and SDK that analyze, heal and export a large number of CAD formats. Datakit exposes a wide range of geometrical and semantic data (assemblies, annotations, metadata) through its varied range of products. It also provides support services for the migration of CAD databases to help customers choose the best data transfer solutions. It works closely together with independent software vendors that currently integrate its CAD data exchange solutions to their own software.

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