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HP Accelerates Additive Manufacturing Production at Scale

DETROIT, MI and PALO ALTO, CA, May 18, 2022 – This week at RAPID+TCT, North America’s largest additive manufacturing event, HP Inc. (Booth 2021) will join partners and customers to showcase innovative applications and production parts for industries including automotive, consumer, health and wellness, and industrial. The company continues to innovate, invest, and create momentum as customers look to scale Additive Manufacturing (AM) parts production.

“Businesses of all sizes, across all industries, are rethinking how to design, manufacture, and mass-produce goods – all while keeping personalization and sustainability top of mind,” said Didier Deltort, president of personalization & 3D printing, HP Inc. “To scale production, and deliver customized products to market quickly, and efficiently, companies must be confident AM solutions can meet the demand. We are committed to innovating and enhancing our HP Metal Jet and Multi Jet Fusion platforms to support our production partners and customers as they push the limits of AM production.”

Accelerating Production at Scale

From design to manufacturing, HP is investing in advancing its technology platforms, workflow and automation solutions, services, and its Digital Manufacturing Network (DMN) partnerships to accelerate production at scale. Sculptéo, a leading 3D printing production service provider and BASF brand, became the latest to join the network as a certified Digital Manufacturing partner. The network includes both Manufacturing Partners and Multi Jet Fusion Production Professionals delivering qualified production services.

“Our mission is to be the industry’s premiere partner, providing continuous innovation, collaboration, and investment in helping scale additive manufacturing,” said Wayne Davey, global head of 3D Printing Solutions Go-to-Market at HP, Inc. “Together with our Digital Manufacturing Network, we stand ready to transform industries and help customers unlock innovative new applications.”

Davey will highlight the advantages of HP’s 3D printing solutions and the power of its global DMN on the Rapid+TCT mainstage during the opening session on May 17. He will be joined by John Dulchinos, president of GKN Additive, who will talk about leveraging HP’s industrial 3D printing platforms to scale metal binder jetting and polymer parts production. Dulchinos will also showcase several production use cases manufactured with its fleet of HP Jet Fusion printers.

“As an early member of HP’s DMN and pioneer in using the Jet Fusion industrial 3D printing platforms, GKN Additive is accelerating the mass production of top-quality final parts in metals and plastics for diversified and demanding applications,” said Dulchinos. “Through our continued collaboration, we are making major progress in driving the global industrialization of additive manufacturing.”

New Platform Innovation and Professional Services

To enable customers to grow and scale AM production, HP is providing a number of new platform and solutions enhancements, and expanding its professional services, including:

  • New HP Jet Fusion 5200 printing capabilities: customers worldwide using HP’s Jet Fusion 5200 3D printing solution now have access to enhanced performance capabilities providing superior repeatability, reliability, and part quality. As companies look to AM for serial production and mass personalization, HP’s Jet Fusion 5200 platform enables both, with best-in-class speed and cost, and new features that enable better control job to job, and printer to printer.

“As we work to help our customers scale AM applications and move to serial production, we are excited about the investment HP is making with its Jet Fusion 5200 platform,” said Mauritius Mazenauer, technology director, Prodartis. “HP is helping us deliver the highest quality parts at the best cost with ongoing improvements to reliability.”

  • Advanced solutions and professional services including new xRServicesto support customers looking to build AM capacity and grow their businesses, HP offers hardware solutions such as the HP Automatic Unpacking Station and a suite of professional services including new xRServices.

Announced last year for industrial print customers, HP is now offering its 3D customers xRServices providing 24-hour access to engineering support or virtual content. Powered by Microsoft Hololens 2, xRServices provides an immersive Mixed Reality hyper real virtual presence system for troubleshooting, training, repairs, and process optimization. Once they put on the headset users can connect with HP engineers in split seconds — experiencing being physically present with a remote support coach who can advise them on any issue at any point of their print production. Additionally, if customers have an immediate need, they can also effectively do it on their own through ‘always on’ step-by-step guided procedures virtually overlayed on the printers, enabling self-sufficiency.

“Our ambition is to be number one in the industry and HP’s comprehensive solutions, services, and flexible business models are helping us grow and meet our customers’ needs,” said Oscar Klassen, CEO, JawsTec. “We are relying on HP Multi Jet Fusion technology and HP professional services to improve our parts production from start to finish. The recent addition of HP xRServices allows HP’s experts to be at our side as we troubleshoot, maintain our machines, and optimize performance without stepping foot in our Idaho-based facility.”

JawsTec joins the growing number of HP partners and customers leveraging the 3D-as-a-Service (3DaaS) business model to more quickly scale by unlocking capital flexibility and improving business agility.

Automakers Continue to Drive Industry-Leading Advancement

The world’s automotive capital, Detroit, Michigan, has been a focal area for automakers leading the industry’s charge of advancement to realize the benefits of 3D printing. HP is working with dozens of automakers, suppliers, and production partners around the world to design and develop sustainable parts from prototyping to serial production.

  • General Motors: The company has produced a variety of final parts using Multi Jet Fusion including a recent example of using an innovative approach to create a spoiler closeout seal. Working with HP and GKN Forecast 3D, GM was able to speed up the drying time which accelerated the production schedule of full-sized SUVs, successfully creating and polishing the required 60,000 parts over the span of five weeks for use on approximately 30,000.
  • Stellantis: In a first-of-its kind collaboration, Stellantis, HP, Mäder and ERPRO worked together to used 3D printing technology to bring innovation to the automotive industry. Through this combined effort, PEUGEOT was able to reinvent car accessories including a sunglasses holder, a can holder and a phone/card holder.
  • Oregon State University (OSU): Building high performance racing capabilities, Oregon State University’s Global Formula Racing team used HP Multi Jet Fusion to deliver a cooling jacket for its motors. OSU is also using HP Metal Jet for more rapid and agile product development, a vital component of competitive racing.

About HP

HP Inc. is a technology company that believes one thoughtful idea has the power to change the world. Its product and service portfolio of personal systems, printers, and 3D printing solutions helps bring these ideas to life.

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Azul 3D Selects Dyndrite for HARP Additive Mfg Machines

DETROIT, MI(RAPID+TCT), May 18, 2022 – Dyndrite, providers of the GPU-accelerated computation engine used to create next generation digital manufacturing hardware and software, announced today that Azul 3D has selected Dyndrite’s application development kit (ADK) to pair with its High Area Rapid Printing (HARP) technology to power its LAKE printers.‍

Azul 3D’s LAKE printers produce parts from a wide palette of materials over large areas at production speeds, with throughput dramatically outpacing that of the competition and approaching yields that rival injection molding. This breakthrough comes from Azul 3D’s HARP technology.

For the first time, the bottleneck of 3D printing is not on the printer. Azul 3D, working with Dyndrite, will create internal and customer-facing software apps, “Powered by Dyndrite,” that help speed the front end process, including controlling image generation and compensations as well as offering production-oriented features such as repeatable build automation–all without having to reveal Azul’s IP outside of its organization.

“The more we talked to Azul 3D, the more everyone could see Dyndrite was a perfect fit for their production LAKE machines,” said Harshil Goel, Dyndrite CEO and founder. “Dyndrite gives Azul 3D the horsepower along with the features they need to power their machines while providing room to accelerate their materials and unique process development. For us, it also demonstrates just how far we are pushing the software in 3D printing given the sheer volume of fully customized parts that can be made on HARP-based machines.”

Innovative machine builders like Azul 3D with data-rich, production-oriented systems require a high-performance software environment that can easily handle the massive data payload required to drive their systems. The Dyndrite Engine and ADK provide a new foundation to develop commonly needed applications for their systems such as build prep (Additive CAM), materials and process development, process qualification and calibration and automated production.

“HARP’s unprecedented print throughput of 12 vertical inches per hour and largest build volume requires the most powerful tools,” said Cody Petersen, Azul 3D CEO and board member. “We want to make sure the software we use can keep up with the demands of a larger, faster machine. Dyndrite’s speed and flexibility match our vision for taking additive manufacturing to new heights.”

The Dyndrite software solution will enable Azul 3D and its customers to increase production capacity and ensure the repeatability required for manufacturing.

The Azul 3D software, powered by Dyndrite, will be available to customers on LAKE printers later this year. Make sure to get your deposit in now.

About Azul 3D

Azul 3D is a leading-edge 3D printing company that is transforming the additive manufacturing industry. Initially invented and developed at Northwestern University, HARP technology can print 3D structures from a wide palette of materials. The initial printers based upon HARP are capable of manufacturing parts at production speeds, regardless of size, with a throughput dramatically outpacing its competitors and becoming competitive with injection molding. Azul 3D is enabling manufacturers to transition from prototyping to mass-manufacturing on a single, streamlined production platform. In combination with its suite of proprietary industrial-grade materials, it offers the opportunity for just-in-time mass production of a diverse set of highly customized products.

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About Dyndrite

Dyndrite makes an accelerated computation engine, a tool that gives hardware and software companies the power, freedom and control necessary to deliver the future of digital manufacturing. Their GPU-accelerated software delivers hyper-scalability, python automation and eyebrow-raising performance due to the dedication of a team of mathematicians, software engineers, designers, and mechanical engineers. Dyndrite exists to help its partners solve the toughest geometry and compute problems on the planet, to ignite their purpose. Investors include Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused Investment Fund and former Autodesk CEO Carl Bass. The company, which was founded in 2015, is headquartered in Seattle, WA.

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Impossible Objects Selects Dyndrite Software for CBAM Process

DETROIT, MI(RAPID+TCT), May 18, 2022 – Dyndrite, providers of the core Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE) and Application Development Kit (ADK) designed to create next-generation digital manufacturing hardware and software today announced that Impossible Objects, a 3D printer and materials company pioneering advancement of composites in additive manufacturing, has chosen Dyndrite software to power the software driving its composite-based additive manufacturing (CBAM) process, following a highly successful proof-of-concept trial.

Early Experiments with Dyndrite Net 95% Time Savings

During its evaluation, Impossible Objects integrated Dyndrite’s ADK with its own proprietary software to drive its CBAM production process. Unique to Impossible Objects, the CBAM process pairs carbon fiber and fiberglass parts with Nylon and PEEK. It delivers production parts automatically, outshining hand layup production times while being 60% lighter than traditional parts.

With the Dyndrite’s ADK, Impossible Objects created an automated CAD-to-print workflow with a build time ten times faster than before, reduced manual labor by 90% and improved build block use by 20%.

“Committing to Dyndrite software was an easy choice to make at this point,” said Robert Swartz, CEO, Impossible Objects. “Two weeks into our initial project, manual build prep went from three hours down to a few minutes as we automated with the Dyndrite tools. 3D data processing benchmarks dropped from 56 minutes to 5 minutes, so that the entire four-hour process is now completed in less than 10 minutes, a 95% reduction in time.”

The Dyndrite ACE is the world’s first GPU-powered geometry engine geared toward the needs of the digital manufacturing industry. Machine and materials companies such as Impossible Objects use the Dyndrite technology to create build prep apps, qualify toolpathing strategies and material parameters, and scale to production.

“It’s always exciting when forward-thinking companies like Impossible Objects discover what Dyndrite can do for them,” said Harshil Goel, CEO and founder, Dyndrite. “They are exactly the kind of innovative AM company that we target as we continue to develop our technology. We can’t wait to see where they’ll take it next.”

About Dyndrite

Dyndrite makes an accelerated computation engine, a tool that gives hardware and software companies the power, freedom and control necessary to deliver the future of digital manufacturing. Our GPU-accelerated software delivers hyper-scalability, python automation and eyebrow-raising performance due to the dedication of a team of mathematicians, software engineers, designers, and mechanical engineers. Dyndrite exists to help its partners solve the toughest geometry and compute problems on the planet, to ignite their purpose. Investors include Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused Investment Fund and former Autodesk CEO Carl Bass. The company, which was founded in 2015, is headquartered in Seattle, WA.

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About Impossible Objects

Impossible Objects is a 3D printer and materials company pioneering advancements in the additive manufacturing and composites manufacturing industries.  Based on years of research and development, our composite-based additive manufacturing technology (CBAM) is an entirely new process that is fundamentally different from conventional additive manufacturing technologies.

Meteor, Dyndrite Announce Meteoryte

for Industrial Inkjet 3D Printers

CAMBRIDGE, UK, May 18, 2022 – Meteor Inkjet Ltd, leading supplier of electronics, software, tools and services for industrial inkjet, together with Dyndrite, providers of the core accelerated computation engine designed to create next-generation digital manufacturing hardware and software, expand their collaboration with the announcement of Meteoryte, a 3D software tool that simplifies the development and adoption of inkjet technology for additive manufacturing applications.

Industrial inkjet 3D system developers, particularly those just getting started, face hardware, software and materials challenges.   In some cases, the software challenges can be resolved by adopting off-the-shelf, open-source tools, but when these tools lack sufficient features or can’t offer the required production-ready performance, Meteoryte presents an ideal solution.  Built with the Dyndrite Application Developer Kit, Meteoryte offers additive manufacturing system builders a foundational set of tools for the initial stages of machine development.  With an easy-to-use 3D geometry manipulation interface, Meteoryte features include:

  • Ability to import 3D meshes and geometry
  • Easy geometry manipulation (move, rotate and scale)
  • A 3D viewport for build area visualisation
  • Slicing at up to 1200 dots per inch (dpi)
  • Production of monochrome images for machine input

“Additive manufacturing machines that require jetting print heads are becoming increasingly popular. Through software, our goal is to empower machine builders and improve their success rate, while reducing their time to market,” said Harshil Goel, CEO, Dyndrite Corporation. “Our mission is to provide tools that create new tools. Meteoryte powered by Dyndrite is a perfect example of a tool that helps downstream customers with an accelerated path to success.”

Clive Ayling, Meteor’s managing director, comments, , “Developing and implementing an industrial inkjet system can be challenging, and new 3D applications and companies are emerging all the time.  Meteor’s scalable datapath solutions for all major printheads, coupled with Meteoryte, will allow our OEM customers to harness the power of inkjet for 3D and additive manufacturing applications by significantly reducing development cost, time and risk.”‍

About Meteor Inkjet

Headquartered in Cambridge UK, Meteor Inkjet Ltd is the world’s leading independent supplier of industrial inkjet electronics, software, tools and services.  Known for technical expertise and innovation, Meteor is trusted by printhead manufacturers and print system builders alike.    Meteor is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hybrid Software Group PLC, a leading developer of enterprise software for industrial print manufacturing.

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About Dyndrite

Dyndrite makes an accelerated computation engine, a tool that gives hardware and software companies the power, freedom and control necessary to deliver the future of digital manufacturing. Our GPU-accelerated software delivers hyper-scalability, python automation and eyebrow-raising performance due to the dedication of a team of mathematicians, software engineers, designers, and mechanical engineers. Dyndrite exists to help its partners solve the toughest geometry and compute problems on the planet, to ignite their purpose. Investors include Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused Investment Fund and former Autodesk CEO Carl Bass. The company, which was founded in 2015, is headquartered in Seattle, WA, USA.

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Materialise Introduces Magics 26 for 3D Printing

DETROIT, MI, May 18, 2022 – At the RAPID+TCT Conference, Materialise, a global leader in 3D printing solutions, introduces Magics 26, the latest version of its industry-leading data and build preparation software. Magics 26 combines support for native CAD workflows with its existing mesh capabilities. This provides users with the best of both worlds, enabling them to boost productivity while maintaining quality by choosing the optimal workflow for each 3D printing project.

CAD and Mesh Workflows, the Best of Both Worlds

Mesh and CAD each offer unique benefits when editing and preparing files for 3D printing. CAD offers a higher resolution than mesh for part editing. Mesh offers a consistent file format that ensures quality and compatibility with today’s industry standard 3D printers, especially during build preparation. The mesh file format contains all of the information about the inside and outside of 3D models necessary to slice parts and begin 3D printing.

“The way forward is to combine mesh and CAD for data preparation in 3D printing,” said Egwin Bovyn, Materialise product line manager. “Mesh-based processes hold significant benefits for applications and operations in data and build preparation with current 3D printing technologies. Introducing CAD-based workflows in Magics 26 creates a path toward enhanced hybrid workflows in future versions of our software.”

The Optimal Workflow for Each 3D Printing Project

Magics 26 introduces a Part Scene in which users can edit CAD-based parts in addition to mesh-based Part and Platform Scenes for editing, fixing, analyzing and build preparation. Users can choose their preferred workflow based on their 3D printing project requirements and edit their parts in mesh or in CAD format.

The new CAD-workflow for part editing supports users with projects that demand a close alignment or frequent exchange between design and data preparation. Editing and saving their parts in a CAD-native format enables Magics users to maintain part integrity and to use cleaner, high-resolution CAD-files. This helps to reduce time between design iterations and improves stability and repeatability by preventing errors that may occur in transitions between file types. The CAD-workflow allows users to adapt and edit parts up to the point when they are optimized and ready for 3D printing before switching to build preparation.

“With Magics 26, I can easily modify CAD-models without having to go back to a CAD-design software,” said Astrid Dejosé, designer additive manufacturing at Sirris. “It is so much more efficient to stay in Magics 26 without the need to switch between applications.”

Improved Build Preparation and Platform Integration

Magics 26 also offers new mesh capabilities. Improved support generation and advanced automated nesting help to lower the scrap rate and increase productivity. Flexible cone and tree supports can be enhanced with braces to improve the stability of prints. The advanced automated nesting enables a higher part density and offers the option to generate supports between parts when producing with Electron Beam Melting (EBM) and Binder Jetting. The supports improve heat dissipation to decrease warping and prevent parts from fusing together during the printing process.

Magics users interested in scaling up their operations for serial production and mass customization will also benefit from future integration with CO-AM, Materialise’s recently announced software platform. Building on the company’s acquisition of Link3D, CO-AM will allow manufacturers to better plan, manage and optimize their AM operations through fully streamlined and scalable workflows. 3D printing has proven its ability to consistently and reliably produce parts at scale, and with CO-AM, Materialise supports the entire serial 3D printing process, from production request through order fulfilment, in a single platform.

Magics 26 will be available on May 24, with software demonstrations available at the Materialise booth (#3108) during the 2022 RAPID+TCT Conference, May 17-19 in Detroit.

Materialise software experts will also host a free webinar on May 24 to showcase the latest updates in Magics 26. Registration for the webinar is available here. A recording will be made available.

About Materialise

Materialise incorporates three decades of 3D printing experience into a range of software solutions and 3D printing services, which together form the backbone of the 3D printing industry. Materialise’s open and flexible solutions enable players in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, automotive, aerospace, art and design, and consumer goods, to build innovative 3D printing applications that aim to make the world a better and healthier place. Headquartered in Belgium, with branches worldwide, Materialise combines the largest group of software developers in the industry with one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the world.

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3D Systems Announces Medical Advisory Board

Appoints Dr. Stephen K. Klasko as Chair

ROCK HILL, SC, May 17, 2022 – 3D Systems announced the formation of the company’s first Medical Advisory Board (MAB) and the appointment of Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA as chair. The primary mission of the MAB will be to provide strategic input, guidance, and recommendations for the company’s emerging regenerative medicine efforts as they begin moving from research into advanced development and, ultimately, into human application. The MAB will comprise a diverse spectrum of skill sets and experiences ranging from scientific expertise to commercial application, including advising on the formation of key partnerships to reduce program risks and accelerate the attainment of program objectives.

Dr. Stephen K. Klasko

Dr. Klasko, who will serve as the MAB’s first Chair, is one of the most respected executives in the healthcare industry today, known for bridging the entrepreneurial mindset of Silicon Valley with the current healthcare ecosystem. Most recently, he led Jefferson Health to become one of the fastest-growing academic health centers in the United States, as president and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. Over Dr. Klasko’s eight-year tenure, Jefferson grew from roughly $1 billion in revenue to over $9 billion, dramatically expanding the institution’s capabilities and reach – establishing one of the nation’s largest and most advanced telemedicine faculty-based healthcare to bring healthcare to millions in need.

Over the course of his accomplished career, Dr. Klasko has served as Dean of two medical schools and CEO of three health systems. He is deeply committed to transforming health care from its traditional focus on “sick care,” to a resilient, proactive system of “healthcare at any address” – designed to bend the cost curve through innovation, make quality care more accessible, and move population health, social determinants, and predictive analytics from philosophic exercises to the mainstream of clinical care and payment models. Dr. Klasko is one of the leading voices in the nation, championing the transformation of healthcare systems in partnership with digital technology innovators in the quest for a very different and brighter future.

Commenting on the creation of the MAB and Dr. Klasko’s appointment, Dr. Jeffrey Graves, president and CEO, 3D Systems, commented, “This is a pivotal time in our company’s history where each day we can see more clearly the potential of regenerative medicine to positively impact humanity and the key role our bioprinting technology can play in the future of humankind. The MAB will provide key input, guidance, and support in making this vision a reality. We are blessed with Dr. Klasko’s willingness to chair this group and help guide its formation and operation. Steve is an inspirational leader who articulates a compelling vision for the healthcare industry, including the transformational potential of medical technology to improve patient outcomes, expand access, and reduce medical costs. He embodies a deep passion for entrepreneurism and inclusiveness that has yielded remarkable results throughout his career. In recognition of his accomplishments, in 2020 he was named by the World Economic Forum as their first Distinguished Fellow, in which he has provided key insights to business and political leaders on the future of healthcare and the digital economy in their annual meetings held in Davos, Switzerland. Under Steve’s leadership, we look forward to expanding the MAB in the future as our efforts continue to gain momentum.”

In addition to authoring five books, numerous articles, and blogs, Dr. Klasko’s track record of visionary leadership has been widely recognized over the course of his career, including his designation as #2 on Modern Healthcare’s “100 Most Influential Individuals,” Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2018, and Becker’s Hospital Review’s “100 Great Leaders in Healthcare.”

Since he retired from Jefferson Health earlier this year, Dr. Klasko has assumed the role of executive in Residence for General Catalyst where he is putting into action the “health assurance” model based on the book he wrote with Hemant Taneja, managing partner of GC, entitled “UnHealthcare: A Manifesto for Health Assurance.” Since 2008, Dr. Klasko has also been a director of Teleflex where he has served on both the governance and audit committees.

About 3D Systems

More than 30 years ago, 3D Systems brought the innovation of 3D printing to the manufacturing industry. Today, as the leading additive manufacturing solutions partner, we bring innovation, performance, and reliability to every interaction – empowering our customers to create products and business models never before possible. Thanks to our unique offering of hardware, software, materials, and services, each application-specific solution is powered by the expertise of our application engineers who collaborate with customers to transform how they deliver their products and services. 3D Systems’ solutions address a variety of advanced applications in healthcare and industrial markets such as medical and dental, aerospace & defense, automotive, and durable goods.

More information on the company is available at

Stratasys Q1 Revenue Down 2% to $163M with $21M Loss

MINNEAPOLIS, MN & REHOVOT, Israel, May 17, 2022 – Stratasys Ltd. announced financial results for the first quarter of 2022. Revenue for the first quarter of 2022 was $163.4M, down 2.2% compared to $167M for the fourth quarter of 2021. GAAP net loss was $20.9M.

Comparative analysis based on Stratasys’s financial results in the last 12 quarters (Result source Stratasys website)

Comparative analysis based on Stratasys’s financial results in the last 12 quarters (Result source Stratasys website)

Dr. Yoav Zeif, Stratasys’ chief executive officer, stated, “Our strong start to the year, with our highest first quarter revenue total in six years, was anchored by 22% revenue growth that included improved contributions from all our technologies. Importantly, systems was the main driver, up 36.7% for its strongest first quarter in five years, and 16.4% higher than the same period in pre-COVID 2019. We also achieved exceptional results in both consumables and services, driven by strength in our growing install base. And we are particularly excited by the early momentum and contributions from our new Origin P3, H350 SAF and Neo systems, designed for high-volume production of end-use parts.”

Dr. Zeif continued, “We have advanced a number of strategic initiatives thus far in 2022, including the announced MakerBot business combination with Ultimaker, the publishing of our inaugural ESG Sustainability Report, and our annual flagship manufacturing event where we showcased new offerings in materials, upgrades to existing printing platforms, and an expansion of our software capabilities. We are relentless about our focus on execution in our drive to grow our leadership position in polymer 3D printing. With our combination of best-in-class talent, systems offerings, Go-to-Market and support infrastructure, combined with a robust balance sheet, Stratasys is positioned to build on our first quarter growth across the balance of 2022 and beyond.”

A complete chart of the financial results is available here.

About Stratasys

Stratasys is leading the global shift to additive manufacturing with innovative 3D printing solutions for industries such as aerospace, automotive, consumer products and healthcare. Through smart and connected 3D printers, polymer materials, a software ecosystem, and parts on demand, Stratasys solutions deliver competitive advantages at every stage in the product value chain. The world’s leading organizations turn to Stratasys to transform product design, bring agility to manufacturing and supply chains, and improve patient care.

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Markforged Partners with 3YOURMIND

WATERTOWN, MA, May 17, 2022 – Markforged, creator of the integrated metal and carbon fiber additive manufacturing platform, The Digital Forge, announced a partnership with 3YOURMIND, a developer of additive manufacturing (AM) workflow software solutions, to integrate Markforged’s Eiger software platform with 3YOURMIND’s manufacturing execution software (Agile MES) and other lifecycle management tools via API. This level of seamless connectivity is the next step toward Industry 4.0 adoption and digital transformation on the factory floor.

Markforged and 3YOURMIND now enable an end-to-end additive workflow. (Graphic: Business Wire)

“With Eiger, Markforged is advancing interoperability with cloud and business system tooling to enable deeper penetration of additive into our customers’ manufacturing ecosystems with the traceability, reporting and security required in these digital workflows,” said Ted Plummer, director of product management, software at Markforged. “At a time of global supply chain disruption, making it easier to print, verify and use 3D printed parts in mission critical applications is more important than ever.”

A primary barrier to Industry 4.0 is the disjointed nature of tools in the additive manufacturing workflow which block adoption of true digital transformation. To address this gap, 3YOURMIND and Eiger now connect to deliver an end-to-end automated solution that is intended to enable users to create, order and schedule prints on Markforged printers directly from their product lifecycle management systems. The integration is designed to provide real-time visibility into the state and performance of a multi-vendor fleet of printers, allowing a single point of monitoring for a shop’s assets from various OEMs. The integration also includes Markforged’s proprietary Blacksmith software, which enables in-process part inspection and automatically appends a printed part’s quality assurance report to its digital record.

“3YOURMIND is excited to partner with Markforged to expand API integrations for 3YOURMIND and Markforged users who value secure data handling due to the sensitivity of their data,” says Aleksander Cizsek, founder and CEO of 3YOURMIND. “As a result of this partnership, manufacturers will have more intuitive, streamlined access to machine data to further empower their production capabilities and discover new avenues for workflow efficiency.”

Eiger is cloud-based and data-driven manufacturing software that enables manufacturers to 3D print parts on demand, right at the point of need. It drives the largest connected fleet of 3D printers worldwide, providing automated workflows and real-time analytics. Eiger leverages AI to continuously improve and provide over-the-air software updates to users. Access to Eiger’s API is included for all customers of Eiger Fleet, Markforged’s enterprise software solution. Eiger Fleet customers have leveraged the Eiger API to automatically print parts as they reach end of life, or as part of a digital kanban inventory system. The integration with 3YOURMIND provides an out-of-the-box experience, making production-ready performance simple.

“Eiger has been instrumental in harnessing the power of our connected fleet of 3D printers during our recent Project DIAMOnD initiative in Michigan,” said Tom Kelly, executive director and CEO of Automation Alley. “Over 300 local manufacturers have banded together to create a powerful, distributed network and today they are creating tourniquet parts to assist medical efforts in Ukraine. This use cases illustrates the power of true digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, and we’re excited to see how 3YOURMIND’s integration of Eiger API continues to improve these capabilities.”

Markforged is exhibiting at RAPID + TCT held at Huntington Place in Detroit from May 17-19, talking about this integration, demoing the new FX20 and unveiling new Eiger features. Markforged will be at booth #3808 and 3YOURMIND will be at booth #3622.

About Markforged

Markforged is reimagining how humans build everything by leading a technology-driven transformation of manufacturing with solutions for enterprises and societies throughout the world. The Markforged Digital Forge brings the power and speed of agile software development to industrial manufacturing, combining hardware, software, and materials to solve supply chain problems right at the point of need. Engineers, designers, and manufacturing professionals all over the world rely on Markforged metal and composite printers for tooling, fixtures, functional prototyping, and high-value end-use production. Markforged is headquartered in Watertown, MA, where it designs its products with over 400 employees worldwide.

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3YOURMIND’s unique end-to-end workflow software enables industry leaders to build on-demand distributed production models. 3YOURMIND offers Enterprise Software to automate additive manufacturing processes and workflows. Its modularized product suite standardizes every aspect of the additive manufacturing (AM) supply chain, from creating digital qualified parts inventories to shop-floor processes automation. The software lays the foundation for agile manufacturing with end-to-end transparency, traceability, and flexibility. 3YOURMIND is a global organization with headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and satellite offices throughout Europe and the United States.

iMakr Partners with Henkel

to Expand Supply of Loctite 3D Printing Solutions

DÜSSELDORF, Germany, May 17, 2022 – iMakr and Henkel have joined forces to expand their distribution network to include the US and the Nordic region, including Finland, Norway, Sweden, & Denmark. The company already has been supplying Loctite 3D Printing resins for the UK & Ireland since last year.

iMakr is a global distributor of best-in-class 3D printers, materials, scanners and additive manufacturing solutions. As a channel partner the company will bring added value to the Loctite 3D printing portfolio by providing stronger visibility, network and expertise. iMakr’s capability to bundle various offerings of printers, resins, DFAM, consultancy and services, enables the realization of the unique offerings of photopolymers across a wide range of industries. Leveraging decades of experience in material chemistry, industrial know-how and solving manufacturing challenges across markets, Henkel has now started the engine of transformation in providing quality professional use materials for prosumer markets, in addition to the broad portfolio of photopolymers for industrial production under the leading Loctite brand.

“iMakr is excited to be announcing our new global partnership with Henkel and their incredible cutting-edge range of additive manufacturing solutions,” said Wei Liu, CEO at iMakr. “Expanding on our collaboration with Henkel last year where we became a premier distribution channel partner in the UK & Ireland, we are thrilled to be deepening our relationship on a global scale, bringing Henkels’ innovative solutions in additive manufacturing to even more of our customers around the world.”

“iMakr has been a great partner for Henkel as they educate, develop and support customers in a wide variety of countries and markets,” said Sam Bail, Head of Partnerships for 3D Printing at Henkel. “Henkel, as a global company wants to ensure easy access to our products and the expanded footprint of iMakr locations as well as online presence allows us to do so.”

Loctite 3D printing resins are available now at iMakr. Head to the iMakr website to explore Loctite additive manufacturing solutions.

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About Henkel

Henkel operates globally with a well-balanced and diversified portfolio. The company holds leading positions with its three business units in both industrial and consumer businesses thanks to strong brands, innovations and technologies. Henkel Adhesive Technologies is the global leader in the adhesives market – across all industry segments worldwide. In its Laundry & Home Care and Beauty Care businesses, Henkel holds leading positions in many markets and categories around the world. Founded in 1876, Henkel looks back on more than 140 years of success. In 2021, Henkel reported sales of more than 20 billion euros. The company employs about 53,000 people globally – a passionate and highly diverse team, united by a strong company culture, a common purpose, and shared values. As a recognized leader in sustainability, Henkel holds top positions in many international indices and rankings. Henkel’s preferred shares are listed in the German stock index DAX.

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About iMakr

iMakr was founded in 2012 and operates one the largest 3D printing and 3D scanning stores in the world. By 2013, the first store opened in London and shortly after expanded to Paris and New York in 2014. iMakr works with various companies, educational institutions, and individuals across the globe, reaching over 70 countries. iMakr offers the best-in-class 3D technologies and most advanced consumables thanks to its expert team of engineers who test and approve each product that hits the shelves.