UK’s Sherlayer Launches Sher3D 3D PDF Conversion Service

Sherlayer_logoBELFAST, UK, Sep 2, 2015 – Sherlayer, a UK company that provides cloud collaboration solutions for industries such as construction (BIM), engineering, life sciences and even general office use, has officially launched their new 3D PDF conversion service, Sher3D.

090215_KOSO KentIntrol Subsea Choke Valve3D PDFs are an exciting and underutilized platform, geared towards companies with CAD versions of their products. Using Sher3D and Adobe Reader software, businesses can give customers the ability to download 3D product models to view, measure and manipulate within a PDF, adding a whole new dimension for businesses and consumers.

Sher3D grants businesses the ability to convert their bulky CAD files into lightweight, shareable and reusable 3D PDFs. These 3D PDFs can then be used for collaboration, advertising and marketing purposes and enables customers the ability to download these PDFs to get a first-hand look at the products they want to purchase. The Sherlayer team states: “3D PDFs are an emerging technology that will innovate and change the way businesses market and sell their products. We felt it was essential that a cost effective and easy to use platform was available to drive this technology forward.”

Users sign into Sher3D and purchase credits. These credits are then used to convert any number of CAD formats, ranging from STEP and Sketchup to Collada and a wide range of other formats. Sher3D will also store your converted models on your own personal account, perfect for when you want to re-download a lost model or don’t have the 3D PDF on hand.

Additionally, a more comprehensive solution is also available called Sher3D Studio. With Sher3D Studio businesses can produce animated steps and procedures of their products, such as how the product is constructed or how maintenance should be carried out. Business can utilize these rich, visual product communications for sales and marketing, 3D visual manufacturing, collaboration, training and other publications.

Sher3D Studio Capabilities Convert your information for:

  • Technical publications
  • Maintenance & repair procedures
  • Assembly work instructions
  • Visual learning
  • Training material
  • Visual BOM specification
  • Process simulation
  • Visual analytics

To try Sher3D, enter this voucher code at while signing up to receive your complimentary credit: 3DPDF-RZL6-H6H2 (Valid until October 30, 2015).

For more information and to download free examples of 3D PDFs, visit or contact for further information.

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