Radica Ships Electra E7 for ECAD

Radica_logoIPOH, Malaysia, Sep 10, 2014 – Radica Software, a developer of electrical CAD (ECAD) software today announced the availability of Electra E7, its latest version of ECAD software for Microsoft Visio. Electra E7 is packed with significant improvements to meet various challenges faced by engineers responsible for highly-demanding electrical and control projects that often require hundreds of pages of documentation to design electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic circuit diagrams.


(picture from Radica Software website)

Electra E7 offers more than 100 percent faster startup speed compared to the previous version and has far easier symbol creation and modifications to help increase the efficiency of electrical, control and automation engineers. Other key enhancements introduced include automatic panel layout placement on rails (for Professional Edition), and, for the first time, Electra now has pneumatic and hydraulic editing capabilities (for Enterprise Edition).

Thomas Yip, founder and CEO of Radica Software said, “We are very excited to introduce Electra E7 with significant improvements that engineers around the globe can use. Electra E7 is capable of producing highly-detailed and accurate circuit drawings, and, it doesn’t require extensive training or retraining.”


Simply draw or paste graphics, and Electra will automatically add into symbols (picture from Radica Software website)

Electra ECAD works on Microsoft Visio which is an extremely easy to use and widely adopted by engineers around the world. Since the first release in 2005, Electra software has already been used in over 42 countries.

“We understand that creating circuits is an extremely tedious and time-consuming job. That’s why we’ve built more automation capabilities in Electra E7 to allow engineers produce these circuits three- to five-time faster compared to non-electrical specific software. With the help from Electra, engineers can focus on safety and great designs, rather than drafting,” Mr. Yip explained.

Electra E7 retails for US$998 for the Standard Edition with basic functionalities, US$1298 for Professional Edition with full electrical functionalities and US$1898 for the Enterprise Edition which contains electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic editing capabilities.

About Radica Software Sdn. Bhd.

Founded in 2005, Radica Software focuses on developing smart and fast electrical CAD or ECAD software for electrical engineers. Electra helps improve productivity and work efficiency for engineers in the electrical, control and automation. Since its inception, Electra has been used by engineers from all around the world including in Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, South Korea, and USA.

Radica Software is headquartered in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Visit Radica Software’s website at www.radicasoftware.com.

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