Radica Launches Subscription-Based Pricing for Electra

Radica_logoIPOH, Malaysia, Feb 12, 2015 – Radica Software, a developer of electrical CAD (ECAD) software today announced a new pricing model that offers monthly and annual subscriptions of its Enterprise Edition of Electra software. Monthly subscription of Electra is at US$59 (paid annually) and US$69 (paid monthly) respectively. Subscribers have access to features of Electra Enterprise Edition with no restriction, free software upgrades and they may cancel a subscription at any time with no penalty incurred.

This significant move is set to cater to users’ need for a low-cost of entry, yet full-featured and high quality ECAD. Companies can benefit from subscription pricing with the ability to scale up to more licenses when they get a large project or ramp down to fewer licenses at any time, without having to pay thousands of dollars for perpetual licensing just to use the software.

Already used by customers in 42 countries, Electra electrical CAD is a high-productivity tool that runs on Microsoft Visio, to help users easily create and manage electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic drawings.

“The world has changed and subscription-based models are springing up because that’s what many customers want and can afford to pay. We at Radica, are extremely excited to have launched our first ever subscription model. We want customers to be most comfortable with the flexibility that we offer through the subscription model to allow them to cancel at any time with no hidden fees. All in all, companies can do more with less when they become our subscribers,” said Thomas Yip, CEO and founder of Radica Software.

Nelson Rafael, owner of Gryphon Automation based in Ontario, Canada, said, “Pricing is always the foremost reason. As with most of small companies, we are trying to do more with less. The subscription pricing from Radica Software works well for us as we do not need Electra every day and there will be months that we will not be using it. We can then re-subscribe to Electra when we will have another project to work on in the future.”

About Electra E7

Electra is an easy-to-use electrical computer- aided design (ECAD) software which runs on Microsoft Visio. Developed by Radica Software for engineers around the world, Electra reduces an engineers’ workload and improves their efficiency so they can focus on safety and good design rather than drafting.

Subscription is at US$59 per user (paid annually) or US$69 (paid monthly) per user. The perpetual license of Electra E7 retails for US$998 for the Standard Edition with basic functionalities, US$1298 for Professional Edition with full electrical functionalities and US$1898 for the Enterprise Edition which contains electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic editing capabilities.

About Radica Software Sdn. Bhd.

Founded in 2005, Radica Software focuses on developing smart and fast electrical computer-aided design or ECAD software for electrical engineers. Electra helps improve productivity and work efficiency for engineers in the electrical, control and automation. Since its inception,Electra has been used by engineers from all around the world including in Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, South Korea, and USA.

Radica Software is headquartered in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Visit Radica Software’s website at www.radicasoftware.com.

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