OPEN MIND to Unveil hyperMILL v2016.1 at EMO

OPENMIND_logoWESSLING, Germany, July 16, 2015 – OPEN MIND Technologies AG is set to exhibit at this year’s EMO, the world’s leading metalworking trade fair, from October 5 to 10. At Booth C10 in Hall 4, the developer of CAM/CAD software and postprocessors will be offering a sneak peek at the upcoming release of version 2016.1 of its hyperMILL CAM solution. A particular highlight of the new version is the finishing strategy from the new hyperMILL MAXX Machining performance package. ‘Tangent plane machining’ makes it possible to achieve machining time savings of up to 90 per cent. Extended functions for 3D and 5 axis machining tasks, new cycles for mill-turning and numerous innovations in hyperCAD-S round out the range of functions available in the new version.


Better finishing performance with ‘Tangent plane machining’

‘Tangent plane machining’ offers users a major boost in efficiency for finishing planes and free-form surfaces. Using conical barrel cutters allows for larger path distances for the same theoretical scallop height. The OPEN MIND machining strategy takes advantage of the extremely large radius of the barrel shape, which allows for optimal inclination to the faces. This makes it possible to achieve considerably shorter machining times and a high level of surface quality. The innovative strategy is easy to program, highly efficient and reliable thanks to the collision check performed on the toolpaths.

Toolkit with special strategies

Version 2016.1 sees OPEN MIND showcase the modular hyperMILL MAXX Machining performance package. It offers a range of optional high-performance strategies for roughing and finishing. The package includes the HPC roughing module, currently called hyperMAXX, that is powered by Celeritive’s Volumill kernel.

Mill-turning with more performance

The mill-turning innovations and optimizations also promise better performance. The user interface is now even more transparent for making inputs easier. The new cutting edge position management feature makes it possible to better define the tool cutting edge and its position.

More CAD for CAM – hyperCAD-S

hyperCAD-S, the CAD system for CAM, is packed with many innovations and extensions, including extended associativity with hyperMILL and the new surface command for support during 5 axis swarf cutting.

About OPEN MIND Technologies AG

OPEN MIND is one of the world’s most sought-after developers of powerful CAM solutions for machine and controller-independent programming.

OPEN MIND designs optimized CAM solutions that include a high number of innovative features not available elsewhere to deliver significantly higher performance in both programming and machining. Strategies such as 2D, 3D as well as 5 axis milling/mill turning, and machining operations like HSC and HPC are efficiently built into the hyperMILL CAM system. hyperMILL provides the maximum possible benefits to customers thanks to its full compatibility with all current CAD solutions and extensive programming automation.

OPEN MIND strives to be the best and most innovative CAM/CAD manufacturer in the world, helping it become one of the top five in the CAM/CAD industry according to the NC Market Analysis Report 2015 compiled by CIMdata. The CAM/CAD solutions of OPEN MIND fulfill the highest demands in the automotive, tool and mold manufacturing, production machining, medical, job shops, energy and aerospace industries. OPEN MIND is represented in all key markets in Asia, Europe and America, and is a Mensch und Maschine company.

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