Balluff Announces IP69K Rated Series of Beam Sensors

downloadBalluff has announced their IP69K rated stainless steel self-contained through-beam sensors designed for the most challenging environments. These sensors incorporate a 316L stainless steel housing that is able to withstand aggressive cleaning solutions, coolants, and lubricants. The protection provided by the housing makes these sensors the ideal choice for food and beverage, packaging, metalworking and pharmaceutical industries.


These stainless steel fork sensors are available in 50 mm and 80 mm widths. Features include normally open and normally closed outputs to solve most applications and allow for  integration into control schemes. Infrared light sources solve application with mist and other airborne particulates, while red light allows for alignment in general application. LEDs for power and switching indication in the connector allow for troubleshooting and sensor status.

The “F” series of C / U slot or fork sensors are universal self-contained through-beam sensors. These new sensors complement Balluff’s extensive line of fork sensors that include red light, infrared, pin-point red light and laser light sources and width openings up to 220mm. Also included in this family of sensors are versions for transparent detection liquid detection and analog outputs for edge positioning. The many industries these sensors are used in include food and beverage, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, life science, automotive, and metal forming.


  • IP69K 316L stainless steel housing
  • LEDs in the connector
  • Red light and infrared light sources
  • PMMA optics for food and beverage applications
  • Normally open and normally closed outputs

For more information, visit Balluff website.

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