Arraycon, Sacramento Drilling Selects Spectrum Construction

dexterSEATTLE, WA, Sep 15, 2016 – When a company grows at the rapid pace that Sacramento, CA-based solar construction firm Arraycon has in just a few short years, it needs its business and construction management software to keep pace. With a bright future in a burgeoning solar power industry, Arraycon and its partner, Sacramento Drilling, needed a software solution to not only support their recent growth but also provide a scalable platform capable of supporting their ambitious goals.

The companies turned to Spectrum Construction Software from Dexter + Chaney, the leader in cloud-based ERP solutions. Arraycon controller Ron Gray said Spectrum was a solution he had long had his eye on. When he first joined Arraycon in 2014, the company was using Quickbooks. Gray moved the company to ComputerEase, and Sacramento Drilling followed the same path, though Gray knew the transition would be temporary as the companies continued to grow.

“Dexter + Chaney just offers a much more sophisticated platform,” Gray said. “Prior to the switch, we couldn’t export financials to Excel, AP activity was restricted once certain processes were going on, so I had people sitting around waiting for things to happen, and I couldn’t get lists of adjusting journal entries easily out of our software. Spectrum is just an overall better solution that allows us to do those things, and it is loaded with other features that will help us as we continue to grow.”

Among them: Spectrum’s project management functionality and Spectrum Enterprise, which uses cost center functionality to effectively manage and account for multiple companies or entities under one platform, while keeping operations separate.

“We have six companies on the Arraycon side and there are four companies on the Sacramento Drilling side and the ability to automate the functionality of funds and finances moved between the companies is really exciting,” Gray said. “We spent a tremendous amount of time before trying to reconcile that activity and it was very cumbersome. So the ability to automate the inter-company transactions is a real key feature for us.”

Arraycon founder Rick Lavezzo’s experience in solar dates back to 2000, where he served as CEO of Team Solar. Team Solar started as a rooftop consumer solar business, moved to commercial and big box systems and in 2006, merged those operations with SunEdison and helped that company expand operations into Europe. By 2010, Lavezzo returned to the United States and formed Arraycon.

Gray noted that growth really began in 2014, when the company did about $12 million in revenue. The next year, that jumped to $34 million. This year the company is on pace to generate $60 million. “There are plans on the books to be in the range of $500 million in revenue in roughly five years’ time,” Gray said. “That’s the strength of the solar market—there is so much business out there.”

Between Arraycon and Sacramento Drilling, there are around 300 employees and work has expanded throughout the United States. A typical project might consist of constructing eight to 10 square miles of solar posts and panels. “There are 17-18 states where we’re either actively working on, or have done projects in,” Gray said.

That work is getting noticed. Solar Power World Magazine’s 2015 review of companies listed Arraycon as the top solar construction provider in the nation, as well as the third-best solar utility provider fourth overall solar provider.

“Clearly, Arraycon and Sacramento Drilling know their industry and the growth opportunities well, and it’s exciting to work with companies that have a great roadmap for the future and bountiful growth potential ahead of them,” said Dexter + Chaney president and CEO Norbert Orth. “This is what we designed Spectrum to do—help growing companies reach their goals by providing them with the best tools and the best intelligence along the way. We’re honored to be the engine running these two companies’ business decisions.”

About Arraycon

Since 2010 the members of Arraycon have been dedicated to improving the methods used in construction of solar energy plants around the world. With more than 1,000 megawatts of installations in the United States and Canada the company has built unparalleled experience with driven-pile foundations, electrical and mechanical installations, and construction management of large-scale and DG solar farms. As the premier foundation and mechanical installer of solar PV arrays and design build contractor, Arraycon’s mission is to provide our customers and partners with a seamless experience, outstanding service and competitive pricing for their projects.

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About Sacramento Drilling

Sacramento Drilling, Inc. was founded in 1978 and has been serving California and Nevada in the drilled shaft and foundation drilling industry for 31 years. The company is a certified small business, SMUD SEED vendor, and an active member of the ADSC (The international association of foundation drilling). Sacramento Drilling has the equipment and staff to meet any challenge and expectation. From track mounted to truck mounted rigs, hillsides, low overhead drilling, micropiles, rock drilling, auger cast piles, coring, tower footings, design-build, photovoltaic installation and elevator shafts.

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About Dexter + Chaney

Dexter + Chaney is the leader in cloud-based construction ERP software and developer of Spectrum Construction Software. The company has been providing complete construction management software for more than 35 years. From the office to the field, from accounting to project management, Dexter + Chaney software is used by more than 1,100 companies. Their clients come from all segments of the industry—heavy/highway and utility, general contractors, electrical, mechanical, and specialty subcontractors—and are companies of all sizes, from locally owned subcontractors to some of the world’s largest construction firms. Dexter + Chaney’s web-based software applications allow customers to get work done anywhere using any device with a web browser and without the need to download any software.

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