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Email List Rental
If you're looking to maximize your response rate and generate more sales leads, then TenLinks Direct Email Service is here to help.
Email list rental marketing to a permission-based audience has become critical to the online marketing community.TenLinks now has several ways to meet your marketing demands using our design/engineering community.
64,000 CAD/CAM/CAE professionals
  • $4,000
  • $150 set-up charge
  • $150 list suppression (when requested)

    All email blasts will have the ability to be tracked for clicks based on URL's. Three different URLs (landing pages) can be tracked at no additional charge. For additional URLs (landing pages) that are to be tracked please add an additional $150 per URL.

TenLinks makes all reasonable efforts to accommodate list suppression requests. We are not however responsible for incomplete or incorrect email information that is supplied to us for such use.
How to Rent a TenLinks Email List :
All orders must be in writing. Please send an email to sales@tenlinks.com with the following information:
  1. Quantity of email addresses
  2. Target date you need the email message sent
  3. Sample of the email message
  4. Prepayment is required for all new advertiser, Visa, Master Card and AmEx are accepted.
A signed Email List Rental Contract and Terms & Conditions must be received by TenLinks, Inc. before any transmission.
Email List Terms and Conditions
The following conditions apply to all Email List Users of any TenLinks' properties :
  1. All transmissions will be processed through TenLinks, Inc.
  2. A TenLinks footer in the email message to allow "opt-outs" or "unsubscribes" from the List is required.
  3. Text and or graphics (HTML mailing) must be provided 5-7 business days prior to email execution. (Please refrain from submitting material that was created using Word).  Text messages may not contain artwork, graphics, or attachments and may not exceed 300 words, the subject line may not exceed 35 characters.
  4. Once approval of the message has been given, email transmission will be scheduled. Up to 10% of outgoing email typically "bounces" back and these are re-sent at no extra transmission charge.
  5. 3 text changes allowed at no charge during copy testing.
  6. Rush fee of $300 for emails that are requested by email List User and agreed upon by TenLinks to transmit in less than 24 hours.
  7. TenLinks, Inc. reserves the right to require prepayment of any order.
  8. Cancellation of an order that has Email List User final approval for counts and message less than 24 hours before a transmission date will have a cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount of the purchase order.
Please click here for printable Terms for signature

TenLinks.com is a member of the TEAM network, the largest online CAD, CAM and CAE media network. To use the TenLinks email list, please contact TEAM sales.

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