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2D to 3D

  • 3D Crafter - real-time 3D modeling, animation tool for deforming, sculpting, painting 3D shapes
  • 3DReshaper - 3D design software for creating 3D models, processing point clouds
  • 3D Slash - 3D modeling software for creating models using simple building-block concept
  • A3D MAX - frame analysis package for 2D or 3D, elastic/plastic/p-delta analysis, by CADS
  • Anim8or - 3D modeling, character animation program, by Steven Glanville
  • ArCADia - construction software supports 2D, 3D design, based on IntelliCAD program, created by ITC consortium
  • ASVIC - 2D/3D CAD engineering software
  • AutoTURN Pro 3D - 3D CAD software for design, analysis
  • AViCAD - 2D/3D CAD solution with architectural, publishing tools
  • BricsCAD - .dwg CAD alternative, enables 3D parametric solid modeling for users working in both 2D/3D without leaving .dwg environment, by Bricsys 
  • BRL-CAD - open source cross-platform solid modeling system with geometry editing, high-performance ray-tracing for rendering, geometric analysis
  • Canoma - renders photorealistic 3D models from scanned or digital photographs quickly, without requiring 3D skills (Note: software, developed by Metacreations, later acquired by Adobe, is no longer on market)
  • Cobalt - precision 2D/3D CAD software for Mac & Windows, from Strata
  • connectCAD - plug-ins for 2D/3D program Vectorworks (Mac, Windows), tool to design IT networks, broadcast, audio-visual systems
  • CorelCAD - DWG file support, industry-standard CAD features, customizable 2D, 3D design tools
  • Creo/Elements Direct - 3D CAD modeling software for professionals
  • Cyborg3D - standalone software combines organic surface modeling (subdivision surfaces) with parametric CAD modeling, from alignex
  • CYCAS - architectural software for drafting, design in 2 + 3 dimensions
  • Daz Studio - 3D modeling software for beginners comes with 3D Morphing, posing, animation, rendering functionalities Free
  • DesignSpark Mechanical - CAD software for design product concepts in 3D
  • DigiCad 3D - creates 3D models from drawings, photographs for Windows, Mac Os X, by Interstudio
  • Esri CityEngine - tool for transforming 2D GIS data into smart 3D city models, from ArcGIS
  • ExactFlat - 2D/3D flattening software
  • Flatshot Pro - application automatically creates 2D drawings from AutoCAD 3D Models, from NYacad
  • freeCAD - 3D CAD program with advanced motion simulation capabilities, from AR-CAD Free
  • Geomagic Sculpt - voxel 3D modeling software for transforming existing 3D data with sculpting, shaping, detailing tools
  • iCADMac - 2D/3D CAD software for MAC OS X, reads, writes DWG format drawing files up to AutoCAD v2018
  • HEEDS Software - modeling, simulation software, from Red Cedar Technology
  • Intertek Hi-CAD - 3D laser scanning, dimension control, 3D modeling, visualization
  • IronCAD - 3D modeling, 2D design environment integrated within mechanical design capabilities for detailing 2D/3D design data 
  • KOMPAS-3D - 3D modeling system for creating models, from ASCON
  • K-Compare Revision - identifies, documents differences between two CAD models, prevent scrap, re-work, by Kubotek3D
  • K-Compare Validate - provides fast, complete inspection of translations, automated compliance reporting to meet standards, by Kubotek3D
  • KeyCreator MfgCAD - CAD Tools for Manufacturing, by Kubotek3D
  • KeyCreator Viewer - viewer for KeyCreator CKD files, by Kubotek3D
  • K-Display Convert - programs for opening 3D files from all the major MCAD systems, saving to standard formats, by Kubotek3D
  • K-Display View - offers reading, navigating, measuring all major CAD file formats on any device, by Kubotek3D
  •  Kosmos Framework - supports 3D solid models with associative GD&T manufacturing information, surfaces, wireframe, construction geometry
  • LeoCAD - CAD program for designing virtual models with LEGO bricks
  • Limitless Computing - provider of 3D mobile augmented reality, based in Boulder, CO
  • MEDUSA4 Personal - 2D/3D CAD package for Windows, allows basic 3D, parametrics, color image integration, sheet metal designing, from CAD Schroer Free
  • MeshMixer - 3D modeling software for creating 3D designs for 3D printing, available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Free
  • Metasequoia - 3DCG modeling software for Windows or Mac OS/OS X, from tetraface
  • Metamation - 2D/3D CAD software for importing or drawing, supports multiple import formats
  • Moment of Inspiration - 3D modeling tool for designers, comes with polygon mesh export functionality, available for Windows, Mac
  • MPDS4 - factory layout software for 3D installation planning, creating 2D layouts of entire factories, across all dimensions, from CAD Schroer
  • nanoCAD - multi-purpose CAD drafting software for professionals
  • NttCAD - 2D/3D CAD software, works with all operating systems Free
  • OpenSCAD - solid 3D CAD modeling software, available for Linux/UNIX, MS Windows, Mac OS X Free
  • OptiTex - 2D/3D CAD software
  • PhotoModeler Pro - trace over photographs to create 3D models, exports to DXF, 3DS, VRML formats
  • Photonics - non-contact realization technology that implements 2D, 3D laser processing through smart beam positioning systems, from FARO
  • progeCAD - 2D/3D design software useful for CAD field, concept sketch, electrical schematics, building construction, AEC architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, industrial engineering
  • RapidAuthor - offers tools to reuse existing CAD data or other 3D source material, from Cortona3D
  • Sculptris - 3D modeling software allows beginners to create printable models Free
  • SelfCAD - online 3D modeling, slicing software
  • Shapr3D - 3D modeling tool for iPad Pro, compatible with all major CAD software including SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, Fusion360, Rhino3D, CATIA, Inventor Free 
  • SharkCAD - collection of 2D/3D drafting, modeling tools for professionals, formerly called Shark LT, from Encore Software
  • SharkCAD Pro-AP - previously called Shark FX-AP, software allows in creating professional 3D models, comes with mesh modeling, solid modeling, surface modeling, from DARcorporation
  • Simplio3D - web-based 2D/3D product configuration software for configuring products like cars, electronic gadgets, interior/exterior design products, jewelry, fashion items, more
  • Solid Edge - 3D CAD software offers cloud-enabled design, simulation, manufacturing, data management by Siemens
  • SolveSpace - parametric 2D/3D CAD program for modeling parts, preparing CAM data, design mechanisms, plane, solid geometry
  • Sculpt 3D - web based application allows modeling 3D objects as if they were virtual clay, from Strata
  • T-FLEX CAD - parametric 3D modeling functionality, by Top Systems
  • TouchCAD - 3D modeling, unfolding program aims to generate complex 3D shapes, convert them into physically buildable models, developed by Lundstrom Design
  • TurboCAD MAC Deluxe - 2D drafting, 3D surface, solid modeling tool for architects, illustrators, engineers
  • Vectary - online 3D modeling software Free
  • ViaCAD 2D/3D - 2D drafting, 3D modeling, data sharing, by PunchCAD
  • Vivien - CAD software with features developed to aid 2D, 3D event design process, from CAST Group
  • Wings 3D - open source subdivision 3D modeler, uses traditional polygonal 3D modeling techniques
  • ZWCAD - DWG file format providing CAD solution for AEC, MCAD industries, 2D dimensioning, 3D modeling, plotting, by ZWSOFT
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