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3D Digitizers and Scanners

  • Artec 3D - provides handheld, portable 3D scanners like Artec Eva, Leo, Ray, Micro
  • FastSCAN II -handheld, lightweight scanner for creating instant real-time 3D images, by Polhemus
  • Handyscan 3D - self-positioned hand-held 3D scanner, by Creaform
  • Laser Design - provides 3D laser scanning systems, services, used for capturing 3D shape of objects with complex geometries, Minneapolis, MN
  • Leica ScanStation C10 - laser scanner with real-time streaming video, smart x-mirror design, compatible with standard surveying equipment
  • Leica ScanStation P40 / P30 - 3D laser scanner supports 3D data, HDR imaging
  • LMI Technologies - offers FlexScan 3D, 3D scanner that lets anyone create digital 3D models directly from physical objects
  • Mantis Vision - develops user-centric 3D scanning technologies, allows creating accurate 3D models, headquartered in Petah Tikva, Israel
  • MaxSHOT 3D - generates positioning models that can be used with Handyscan 3D, HandyPROBE, MetraSCAN products to determine their repositioning around object for scanning or probing
  • MicroScribe - 3D digitizers, HDI scanners method for creating accurate 3D computer models, from Solution Technologies
  • Nikon Metrology - offers CMM scanning, handheld scanning, point cloud software
  • NVision - high-end 3D laser digitizing products, services
  • Roland DGA Corp - makers of 3D scanning and modeling devices, including the MDX line
  • ShapeGrabber - available in three models, ideal for measuring complex shapes, by OGP, Buffalo, NY
  • Trios - allows fast, easy, accurate intra oral 3D scanning, by 3Shape
  • TurboSquid - sells 3D digitizing models
  • Virtek - makers of LaserQC inspections system
  • Z+F UK - 3D laser scanning services, products include PROFILER, IMAGER, M-CAM Camera
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