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Alibre to Sell Bunkspeed Hypershot

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RICHARDSON, TX, Feb 18, 2009 - Today Alibre, Inc. announced a new partnership with Bunkspeed, makers of HyperShot - the world’s fastest 3D rendering application for design, engineering, and marketing. Alibre will immediately begin distributing HyperShot Web, HyperShot HD, and HyperShot Pro, as well as provide local sales and support services through its reseller network in 50 countries worldwide.

Alibre Design, Alibre’s flagship CAD software, delivers unparalleled value to engineers by providing the same core functionality of products like SolidWorks, Inventor, and other mid-range solid modeling software at one fifth their cost.

“Our CAD/CAM technology, combined with HyperShot, makes a truly unique and highly cost effective solution from concept design all the way to downstream activities such as creating magazine quality ads for finished products or even product proposals for new ones. Since both Alibre and HyperShot are designed with simplicity and power in mind, the marriage of the two becomes really compelling. It’s just never been done at the price we’re doing it at, or even close for that matter,” says J. Paul Grayson, Alibre Chairman and CEO. “It’s a huge leap forward for our users, since many customers lack a marketing department or knowledge of complex rendering software. For these customers, the ability to jump in and make a magazine quality rendering of the products they design with Alibre Design, in minutes and not hours or days, is crucial to winning bids and selling their products. HyperShot empowers them in much the same way Alibre Design does,” he adds.

Those interested in learning more about HyperShot and Alibre Design can watch a brief online demonstration at www.alibre.com/hypershot.  A free trial of both Alibre Design and HyperShot can also be found there.

About Alibre

Alibre, Inc., sells and markets professional, affordable 3D CAD/CAM products including Alibre DesignTM, the fastest growing 3D parametric solid modeling software for mechanical design and manufacturing. In addition, Alibre CAM extends Alibre Design to offer integrated parametric 2½- to 5- axis CNC machining. One-fifth the cost of comparable software, Alibre Design and Alibre CAM are easy to use with rich functionality and world-class support and training, making 3D CAD/CAM accessible to every engineer, machinist or inventor, similar to office software like Word or Excel. Alibre also offers Alibre Design Xpress and Alibre CAM Xpress, the industry's only true 3D parametric modeler and integrated CAM system available free of charge. In addition, Alibre Vault offers completely integrated data and process management for businesses from small to large. Alibre products are available in fifteen languages and distributed worldwide. Founded in 1997, Alibre Inc. is privately funded and based in Richardson, Texas.

For more information, visit www.alibre.com.

About Bunkspeed

Bunkspeed is a leading global provider of 3D computer graphics software and services for design, engineering, and marketing. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, our advanced technologies leverage digital assets and contribute to enlightened decision-making and communication in the design process. Our clients gain a cost effective way to deliver stunningly realistic sales and marketing imagery, and realize significantly reduced product development costs. Founded in 2002, Bunkspeed’s impressive list of customers now includes many of the major automotive manufacturers, Fortune 1000 product manufacturers, and major industrial design companies including Honda, Nissan, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, Pininfarina, BMW Designworks, Porsche Design, Kohler, Dell, Microsoft, Nokia, IDEO, frog design and SMART Design.

For more information, visit www.bunkspeed.com.


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