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  • Alibre Design - now called Geomagic Design, parametric 3D MCAD solids (reviews)
  • aPriori - allows manufacturers launch products at cost targets, maximizes savings in rework projects, avoids overpaying for sourced parts
  • Argon - Ashlar-Vellum's entry level surface and solid modeler (sites, reviews)
  • ASCON - developer of KOMPAS-3D for Mechanical CAD
  • BRL-CAD - cross platform, open source CSG solid modeling system, systems used are silicon graphics 3030, 4D iris, Encore Multimax, more
  • CAD X11 - mechanical CAD system ideally suited for design, manufacturing applications by GrayTech Software
  • Cadra - suite of CAD/CAM products includes Cadra Design Drafting, mechanical design documentation tool; CadraNC, NC programming application, Cadra integration with SolidWorks, integrated drawing production system, 3D solid modeler, by SofTech
  • CATIA - integrated suite of CAD/CAM engineering tools, especially popular in automotive, aerospace industries, from Dassault Systemes. (CATIA directory, reviews)
  • Concepts 3D - precise conceptual modeling, by CADSoft Solutions
  • DentCAD - computer-aided 3D design module for dental restorations in 3D CAD design environment, uses industry-standard formats for model sharing between CADCAM systems, hardware devices, by Delcam
  • Design Simulation Technologies (DST) - develops physics-based simulation software, based in Canton, Michigan
  • Inventor - solid modeling application designed to handle large assemblies that operates independently of AutoCAD (Inventor directory, reviews)
  • IronCAD - solid modeling application featuring drag-and-drop, automatic 2D layout creation, import/export CAD, solid modeling programs (sites)
  • KeyCreator - 3D solid modeling CAD/CAM for conceptual design, modeling and rapid prototyping, by Kubotek (KeyCreator)
  • Creo - solid modeling package in which 2D sketches of lines, arcs, splines are created, converted into 3D objects or parts, formerly Pro/E Wildfire, from PTC. (Pro/E directory, reviews)
  • Solid Edge - parametric feature-based solid modeling system, from PLM Solutions (Solid Edge directory, reviews)
  • SolidMaster - feature-based solid modeling, free-form surfaces, 2D drafting by CADMAX (reviews)
  • SolidWorks - parametric 3D MCAD system including sheet metal, 3D sketching, basic surfacing, robust data translation capabilities (SolidWorks directory, reviews)
  • SpaceClaim - offers 3D direct modeling for conceptual engineering, CAE, industrial design, products include SpaceClaim Engineer, Style, Viewer (reviews)
  • SurfCAM Solids - stand-alone, parametric solid modeling software for manufacturing engineer or NC programmer
  • T-FLEX Parametric - solid modeling software offers parametric or imported 2D converted to 3D, 3D from primitives using Boolean operations, 3D assemblies from 3D components, by Top Systems
  • VariCAD - solid modeling running on Linux, Windows

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