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AutoCAD and Autodesk products...

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  • Inventor Sheet Metal Drawings - configure flat pattern to manage color, line weight of bend lines, optional bend extents, employ baseline, continuous, ordinate tools to dimension flat pattern, apply bend notes to label bends, Michael Thomas, Design and Motion, Nov 24, 2015

  • Inventor iCopy - draw sketch that represents outline of workstation top, define sketch as being adaptive, form inner lines that make up frame before offsetting projected geometry to generate inner frame geometry, Mark Lancaster, Synergis, Nov 23, 2015

  • Add a Leader to a Dimension - place dimension in view, pick leader from options flyout menu, select dimension before dragging it into place in Inventor, David Gaskill, Cadalyst, Nov 23, 2015

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  • CFD Geometry Creation - integrated analytic geometry engine within CFD system provides full power of standard geometry operations to efficiently create watertight geometry, Richard Smith, Symscape, Nov 19, 2015

  • Get the Proper Mesh Density - computational power required to compute model increases exponentially with mesh density, small mesh density from start slows down analysis process, Cyprien Rusu, FEA for All, Nov 21, 2015

  • Multi-Disciplinary Co-Simulation with Actran Acoustic Software - Actran acoustic propagation calculations run faster with GPU acceleration, new Stochastic Noise Generation and Radiation module for aeroacoustics, Pellicular mode decomposition technique, improved adaptive meshing, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, Nov 24, 2015

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Rapid prototyping...

  • 3D Printing Tips and Tech: Get to Know Those Acronyms - FFF vs FDM, Ultraviolet (UV) curing is not SLA, SLS vs SLA vs SL, lamination, Jeff Kerns, Machine Design, Nov 20, 2015

  • Stratasys Fortus 250mc - industrial 3D printer uses ABSplus material, dimensions: 838 mm x 737 mm x 1143 mm, doesn't require any special ventilation to prevent exposure to noxious vapors, price starts from $48,000, Kyle Maxey, ENGINEERING.com, Nov 23, 2015

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  • Entry Level Drafter - Technipower has contract position for candidate with knowledge of AutoCAD, OrCAD, Illustrator, electrical drawings. Torrance, CA

  • Machine Shop Manager - Crossroads Staffing needs candidate with minimum 4-5 years machinist experience, knowledge of CNC machining, operation, safety, machine shop, fabrication, production. Goleta, CA

  • Mechanical Engineer - MPV needs candidate with knowledge of AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, MATLAB, design, drawings, testing, cutting-edge instrumentation. Kissimmee, FL

  • AutoCAD Drafter - ACS Group has contract position for candidate with 1-2 years AutoCAD experience, knowledge of electrical, mechanical drafting. Hampton, GA

  • Mechanical Designer - TechniPower has contract position for candidate with 3-5+ years experience, knowledge of AutoCAD, Inventor, Plant 3D, design, piping layout, detailing, drawings, equipment. Atlanta, GA

  • Controls Engineer II - LINAK U.S needs candidate with minimum 1-3 years experience, knowledge of AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, CNC programming, drawings, schematics, equipment, production. Louisville, KY

  • Drafter - TechniPower has contract position for candidate with 2+ years experience, knowledge of AutoCAD, layout design, exterior walls, architectural, structural. Marlboro, MD

  • Drafter/Designer - Technipower has contract position for candidate with knowledge of AutoCAD, drafting, red lines, design, scratch, modifications. Pineville, NC

  • BIM/CAD Specialist - Stone Panels needs candidate with 5+ years CAD experience, knowledge of AutoCAD, BIM, Revit, drafting, design details, features, maintenance, construction. Coppell, TX

  • Director of Engineering - Security Electronics - Argyle Security needs candidate with 5+ years experience, knowledge of AutoCAD, Revit, electronic security system design, installation, testing, analysis, PLC, equipment. San Antonio, TX

  • Interior Design - Waterstone Group has contract position for candidate with 2 years experience, knowledge of AutoCAD, space planning, design layouts, furnishings, flooring. Brown County, WI

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