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CAD - Civil Engineering

  • AllyCAD - CAD package with integrated toolkits for use in mechanical, civil, structural, architectural, surveying fields
  • Asia Infotech - CAD drafting, CAD conversion, 3D modeling services for use in structural, mechanical, architectural, civil fields, headquartered in Gujarat, India
  • AutoCAD Land Development Desktop - Autodesk software for land development projects provides topographic analysis, real-world coordinate systems, volume totals and roadway geometry (sites)
  • AutoTrack - models swept paths of all types of steered vehicles, including articulated, drawbar trucks in loading areas, junctions, aircraft on taxiways, from Savoy Computing Services
  • Benko - package for Design & Detailing of RC multi-story building systems
  • Carlson Software - makers of several AutoCAD-compatible surveying, mining, GIS, civil engineering applications, including SurvCADD, SurvStar and Carlson Survey
  • CivilCAD - civil engineering software for design, planning of roads, upper, underground infrastructure, pipes layout, earthworks calculations, cross platforms surveying data handling, by Sivan Design
  • Civil Designer - civil infrastructure design suite for infrastructure, road, pipe network design
  • Civil Simulate - 3D visualization, simulation tool for CivilCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, by Sivan Design
  • DynaRoad - scheduling system developed for civil works, infrastructure projects, from Position Partners
  • Eagle Point Software - architectural, civil, construction software, plus Pinnacle series for training
  • Etabs - software offers 3D object based modeling, visualization tools for structural analysis, design of buildings, from CSI
  • GaLa Reinforcement - provides analysis of reinforced concrete elements, including strains, stresses, curvature, stiffness. from Alashki Engineering Solutions
  • Geocomp Systems - makers of software to survey, estimate and design and to construct maps or charts, including Geocomp, GeoCalc, Geonav
  • GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite - 3D modeling, construction-driven, road design, analysis software, from Bentley
  • HydroCAD - CAD software for civil engineers for modeling stormwater runoff
  • InRoads - software for road design, corridor design, road widening, road resurfacing, landfill design, building site design, by Bentley
  • Leica Cyclone - offers civil engineering software modules for different needs like Cyclone-REGISTER, Cyclone-MODEL, Cyclone-SURVEY, Cyclone-SERVER, Cyclone-PUBLISHER, from IMAGINiT Technologies
  • MXROAD Suite V8i - string-based modeling for road, highway design, rehabilitation, renewal
  • OpenRoads - civil design software for road networks, from Bentley
  • OTISS - online traffic impact study software is cloud-based program for trip generation analysis, trip internalization, completing pass-by trips, from Transoft Solutions
  • ProCogo XL - tool for COGO, CAD, data collection, from AGT
  • PTC Mathcad - engineering math software for performing calculations
  • Pythagoras - surveying, civil engineering 3D CAD software offers integrated calculation and drawing functions and runs on both Windows, Macintosh OS
  • ProjectExplorer - add-in for Civil 3D for distributing information held inside Civil 3D model, from 3AM Solutions
  • Revit - BIM software for architectural design, MEP, structural engineering, construction, from Autodesk
  • ROAD CEM - roadway design solution for developing plan, profile, cross sections of complex road layouts, from Transoft Solutions
  • S5 Ti-M Total Station - application for monitoring requirements on any construction job site, from Trimble
  • Site3D - software tool for 3D engineering design of road schemes, infrastructure, from Microplot
  • Site-Ops - optimization software for land development sector, offers site designs, layout grading, storm water drainage options, by BLUERIDGE Analytics
  • Sivan Design - makers of civil engineering CAD products, 3D modeling tools
  • SkyCiv Beam - software to build, analyze, model beams
  • Softree Optimal - optimization program runs as add-on for RoadEng, Civil 3D, or Bentley civil design products, from Softree
  • Sta4-CAD - package for design, detailing, analysis of reinforced concrete multi-story buildings systems
  • Steltman Software - tool to complete Civil 3D projects like mining, land development, transportation, rail surveying
  • Transoft Solutions - makers of CAD-based software for engineers, architects, drafters for civil, infrastructure design, planning
  • VAG UseCAD v7 - offline utility for VAG product users, tool for planning projects in water, sewage management
  • VisionPlus - land surveying software with COGO calculations, drawing functionalities, AutoCAD, MicroStation compatibility, by Geo-Plus
  • VisualAnalysis - structural engineering software for analyzing civil, structural projects, from IES
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