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  • 3D Nature's World Construction Set - photorealistic 3D terrain visualization for cartography, architecture, civil engineering, golf, forestry, land planning
  • Archon Engineering - makers of civil, mechanical engineering software, specializing in finite element analysis tools
  • ArtiosCAD - structural designing tool, ejection rubber profile modules, by EskoArtwork
  • ASCAD - software for civil engineers, land-surveyors that automates implementation production rules for laying out civil engineering drawings, from CADCOM
  • ASPEN  - analysis of stratified slope stability using limit equilibrium methods, automatic searching of critical slip surface, by NEWSOFT
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D - BIM tool for civil engineering design, documentation, land development, water projects (reviews)
  • AutoTrack Roads - entry level vehicle swept path analysis software with built-in 2D animation, path auditing tools, by Savoy Computing
  • AutoTURN - CAD-based software for simulating vehicle maneuvers for transportation design, by Transoft Solutions
  • AeroTURN - CAD-based software simulation tool used to evaluate aircraft, vehicle movements at airports, by Transoft Solutions
  • BalanceNet - water distribution planning, operations software that helps water utilities to improve distribution system, by Innovyze
  • BOSS International - software for groundwater, surface water, terrain modeling, applications for hydrology, wastewater treatment, products include StormNET, RiverCAD
  • CAiCE - civil software automation tools for survey, civil design, construction, drainage engineers
  • Carlson Software - makers of several AutoCAD-compatible surveying, mining, GIS, civil engineering applications, including SurvCADD, SurvStar, Survey, Fleet Manager Office
  • CDS - suite of civil design, survey software for Cogo, contouring, subdivision, roadway design, free 60-day trial, from Foresight Software
  • CivilFEM - civil engineering software, for customization of ANSYS finite element program for structural, mine analysis, by Ingeciber
  • Civil Designer - integrated data gathering, drawing, surface modeling, design system for civil engineering infrastructure
  • Cold-Formed Steel BeamDesign - software to design flexural members of cold-formed steel, following AISI specifications, by DevStruc
  • Eagle Point - architectural, civil, construction software, including AutoCAD add-ons
  • EDISIS 2000 - static/dynamic analysis of multi-storey reinforced concrete buildings in seismic, non-seismic areas, also available reduced size version Edislim, by NEWSOFT
  • ELPLA - analyze, design slab foundations, to determine contact pressures, settlements, moments, shear forces of slab foundations by method of finite elements
  • Engineering Software Center - large inventory of civil engineering software for purchase at site, plus shareware, freeware
  • engineering-software.com - engineering software store features wide selection of products with downloadable demos of most products, from KRC Technologies Inc
  • Ezicad - integrated package for cogo, contour routines, road design, download program for free 14-day tryout
  • FloodWorks - software for real-time simulation, forecasting hydrological, hydraulic conditions wit drainage system, river basins, coastal zones, by Innovyze
  • Geocomp Systems - makers of software for survey, civil design, volume estimation, setout projects, including Geocomp, GeoCalc, Geonav
  • GEOPAK - suite of civil engineering software for surveying, roadway design
  • Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software Directory - lists more than 1,300 programs, plus more than 700 worldwide suppliers, publishers of these programs
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Software new - allows locating multitude of various targets, GPS integration, 3D imaging, modelling, by US Rader
  • GuidSIGN - for automating design of highway, roadway signs, by Transoft Solutions
  • Haestad Methods - computer modeling applications for hydrology, hydraulics, including WaterCAD, SewerCAD, StormCAD, CivilStorm, Darwin Optimizer for water resources (WaterCAD reviews, CivilStorm reviews)
  • Highway Safety Analysis Software - traffic accident studies program includes including data entry, summary by accident categories, collision diagrams, safety benefits evaluation, from X32 Group
  • HYDRONET - analysis of hydraulic networks with generic grid, autonomous definition of materials, wearing extent of piping, more, by NEWSOFT
  • ICMLive - management solution allowing operational forecasting of urban, rural catchments, by Innovyze
  • IcoMap - converts paper land records into vector-based parcel maps, from Extract Systems
  • InfoMaster - esri-based management system, offers water, wastewater utilities with advanced geospatial wet infrastructure asset management approaches, by Innovyze
  • InfoSWMM 2D - fast, accurate, detailed 2D surface modeling software enabling users to model most complex storm, combined sewer collection systems, by Innovyze
  • InfoWater - GIS integrated water distribution and modeling software, by Innovyze
  • InfoWorks ICM - modeling platform incorporating both urban and river catchments, allows integration of 1D, 2D hydrodynamic simulation techniques, by Innovyze
  • InfoWorks RS - software service for simulating flows in river channels, floodplains, by Innovyze
  • Inlet Master - hydraulic program to help design, analyze performance of storm drain Inlets, which allows analysis of complete network of inlets, from AMC
  • Innovyze (formerly MWH Software) - software for water industry, including data management, network modeling software to support planning, operations in water distribution, sewerage provision, river management, coastal engineering
  • InRoads - handles multiple aspect of civil engineering projects including road design, corridor design, road widening, road resurfacing, landfill design, building site design, by Bentley
  • InspectTech - software for management of assets, offers advanced inspection modules to enhance AASHTOWare BrM’s existing inspection interface, by Bentley
  • MWH Software - creators of water distribution software, InfoWorks WS, InfoWater, InfoSurge, H2OSURGE
  • ParkCAD - CAD-based software for generating conceptual parking lot designs, doing what-if scenarios, by Transoft Solutions
  • PGSuper - can be used to design, check precast-prestressed girder bridges in accordance with AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification. Free
  • Pizer - makers of HYDRA, hydraulic analysis, design, management software for storm, sanitary, combined sewer systems, EARTH, earthwork cut, fill calculation software
  • POR 2000 - analysis of masonry-built constructions with overall testing framework for planning, more, by NEWSOFT
  • Quantm - route optimization technology for rail, road engineers
  • RISA 3D - structural engineering, designing software for frame, truss, plate, shell analysis, design, by RISA Technologies
  • Rockmate Technical Services - makers of software for environment, vehicle tracking, surveying, security, explosives, extractive industries
  • RockWare - makers of more than 200 applications for geological, hydrological, other related earth-science disciplines
  • SCADAMaster - real-time network data management tool for water distribution and sewer collection systems, by Innovyze
  • SiteComp - stand-alone surveying, civil engineering software provides for contouring, legal description writing, site, road, utility design, is compatible with DWG, DGN, DXF, ASCII formats, from SiteComp
  • SOLAIO 2000 - analysis, design of brick-cement floor slabs with parallel ribs, executive design of reinforcement, by NEWSOFT
  • SPLASHS With Ripple-Thru - relationship-based design software for civil engineers, teams designing roads, sites, sewer lines, storm drains
  • Surveyor 3D - native COGO, contouring, works inside General CADD
  • Trelligence Affinity - extension for BIM, tool for architectural planning, schematic design, by Trelligence
  • TRUSS 2000  - analysis of planar/spatial truss structures, elastic, instability testing of single bar/whole structure, evaluating loss of bearer capacity, more, by NEWSOFT
  • Topocad - CAD program for surveying, design, engineering, mapping, from Chaos Systems   
  • VAG UseCAD - offline utility for VAG product users, tool for planning projects in water, sewage management
  • VisionCivil - software with DTM, COGO to visualize terrain from different angles, apply triangulation method, produce profiles, sections plans, pipes network, by Geo-Plus
  • WaterGEMS - water distribution modeling, management application with ArcGIS, AutoCAD, MicroStation environments interoperability, by Bentley
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