Vuzix Partners with rooom AG

ROCHESTER, NY, Mar 12, 2021 – Vuzix Corp., a leading supplier of smart glasses and augmented reality (AR) technology and products, announced a partnership with rooom AG (, a marketing tech startup based in Germany that offers an innovative all-in-one solution for 3D and AR to support interest from customers in healthcare, education, field service, construction, manufacturing and training.

Vuzix and rooom combined solution addresses growth needs as businesses position for expansion in the wake of reopenings.

The future of mobile workers across manufacturing, field service and healthcare has begun to shift from in-person support towards a hybrid model of in-person and remote support.  Partnering with rooom AG, which offers a cloud-based platform that allows customers to digitize assets and products into CAD data, will help Vuzix enterprise customers across multiple market verticals expand the usage of Vuzix Smart Glasses and begin to build and offer new AR digitalized assets to their employees and staff to assist with training and knowledge transfer.

“We are excited to work with Vuzix, an industry leader in smart glasses, to expand our presence across enterprise and provide new innovative experiences and 3D augmented reality digitalized assets for training and knowledge transfer,” said Hans Elstner, CEO and co-founder of rooom AG.

“We welcome rooom AG as a Vuzix Smart Glasses platform partner. Our combined solution will support the creation of advanced 3D augmented reality content for both new and existing enterprise customers at both companies, while concurrently driving increased demand for our Smart Glasses,” said Paul Travers, president and CEO of Vuzix.

About rooom AG

rooom AG is a marketing tech startup that offers an innovative all-in-one solution for 3D, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). With the platform, virtual showrooms as well as hybrid and digital events can be implemented easily and quickly. rooom’s portal enables companies of all industries to create, edit and present their own 3D content online in a simple and cost-effective way. Since its market launch in 2018, rooom has won numerous well-known customers such as Deutsche Telekom and various trade fair companies and received 18 different awards, including the German Innovation Award and the Thuringian Innovation Award.

About Vuzix Corp.

Vuzix is a leading supplier of smart-glasses and augmented reality (AR) technologies and products for the consumer and enterprise markets. The company’s products include personal display and wearable computing devices that offer users a portable high-quality viewing experience, provide solutions for mobility, wearable displays and augmented reality. Vuzix holds 184 patents and patents pending and numerous IP licenses in the Video Eyewear field. The company has won Consumer Electronics Show (or CES) awards for innovation for the years 2005 to 2021 and several wireless technology innovation awards among others. Founded in 1997, Vuzix is a public company with offices in Rochester, NY, Oxford, UK, and Tokyo, Japan.

For more information, visit Vuzix website.

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