Tungaloy Expands DuoJust-Cut, Adds JXPS Inserts

Tungaloy is expanding DuoJust-Cut line of indexable parting tools to include JXPS inserts that features a pressed-in 3D chipbreaker for reliable chip control in during parting operations on Swiss-type lathes.

DuoJust-Cut features innovative insert clamping ensuring tool rigidity and stability in various parting operations. In addition to existing JXPG insert with a ground in chipbreaker on the rake face, the new JXPS insert incorporates a 3D chipbreaker pressed in to its “dual-rake” cutting edge which is designed to promote optimal chip control and evacuation without compromising surface integrity.

Four different types of DuoJust-Cut inserts fit in the same pocket of the tool holder, allowing an optimal insert cutting depth to be selected for a given application. An optional parting holder is also available when machining close to the sub-spindle is required.

At a Glance

    • JXPS insert with a pressed-in 3D chipbreaker
    • Innovative insert clamping to ensure machining reliability
    • Optimal insert cutting depths can be selected for given operations ensuring process security
    • Holder option is available for machining close to the sub-spindle
    • Total of 8 inserts to be introduced

For more information, visit Tungaloy website.

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