Theorem Releases CATIA V5- Multi-CAD to JT v21.3

STAFFORDSHIRE, UK, Dec 18, 2018 – Theorem Solutions v21.3 CATIA V5 Multi-CAD to JT product has been released with a number of new product features and enhancements, alongside general updates to improve stability and geometry quality.

Integrated within the CATIA V5 application V21.3 supports from CATIA V5-6R2015 to CATIA V5-6R2018, and all versions of JT, upto and including 10.0, providing the user with the highest levels of interoperability with JT file assemblies.

This CATIA V5Multi-CAD to JT product is uni-directional product but can be packaged with Theorem’s JT to CATIA V5Multi-CAD product to become a bi-directional translator.

New features and enhancements in v21.3 include:

  • CATIA V5 transparency replicated in JT output-The benefit of maintaining an equivalent view of the CATIA V5 data in JT saves time and money that would otherwise be used to either support additional communication between CAD users and non CAD users, or alternatively increases costs of deploying expensive CAD licenses to downstream teams.
  • Improvements to PMI/geometry cross highlighting in JT output-Having an ability to highlight specifically which pieces of geometry are related to which dimension ensures that the information is unambiguous, leading to a reduction in costly reworking’s of outputs when the information is misunderstood. Consequently potential costly quality issues are also avoided.
  •  CATIA V5 Section Views defined within FTA Captures are now exported to the JT file- Having a capability of retaining these section views in the JT output again ensures that the person reviewing the information as a clear understanding of the definition. This all goes towards avoiding costly mistakes that occur when the information isn’t clearly understandable.

Theorem’s CATIA V5 Multi-CAD to JT Product is based upon the Dassault Systemes XCAD infrastructure, allowing CATIA V5 users to incorporate parts and assemblies from JT, directly within the CATIA environment and removing the need for external translators. The application checks geometry for errors and validates the integrity of the data as it comes into CATIA. The beauty of the Dassault Multi-CAD architecture is the interlinking of the CATIA data and non-native data.

Using Multi-CAD offers a greater level of security and protection as the link to the source data is a direct link, without the need to leave the application or use 3rd party external applications. This also removes any errors that can occur from working with potentially old and out of date data.

Theorem’s strategic partnerships with Dassault Systemes and Siemens  ensures that there is a parallel development between the latest releases of CATIA V5, JT and Theorem’s Multi-CAD products, allowing Theorem to continue to provide data solutions to the CATIA V5 community.

About Theorem Solutions

Theorem Solutions works with engineering and manufacturing companies to reduce the cost of project collaboration with their customers, suppliers and internal departments.  The innovative and advanced data translation products and services provided also helps to protect the value of engineering data and the intellectual property it contains.

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