Striker Introduces STRIKER Costing Assistant Software

Striker Systems announces the availability of a new software application that allows STRIKER CAD/CAM software users to quickly generate a per-part cost of CNC cutting operations.

STRIKER Costing Assistant is available as an add on to STRIKER CAD/CAM & Nesting software. It calculates a per part machine operation cost for SS-PROFILE cut parts to assist with cost allocation and quoting. Included in the calculation of the machine operation cost, STRIKER Costing Assistant considers all machine consumables, utilities, facilities, labor, maintenance, and other cost considerations as configured by the user.

STRIKER Costing Assistant is user configurable to adapt to specific manufacturing operations.  This flexible feature allows for multiple styles to be created to handle various materials and cutting operations. When integrated with SS-NEST, STRIKER Costing Assistant not only provides an individual part cutting cost but it also provides the machine cutting cost for each part across an entire nested job containing multiple layouts.

For more information, visit Striker Systems website.

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