Sigmetrix Releases EZtol v2.4

Sigmetrix has announced their release of EZtol v2.4. This new version offers numerous enhancements to the UI while allowing, for the first time, exporting of data to CETOL 6σ software.

  • Export of EZtol data to CETOL 6σ
    • EZtol can now export the stackup data to CETOL 6σ file format (.cxm), which dramatically streamlines the process of starting a 1-D tolerance analysis in EZtol and, if EZtol detects that some 3-D effects might be present, seamlessly switching it over to CETOL 6σ for a full 3-D tolerance analysis.
  • Added a graphics toolbar for common visibility-related tools
    • EZtol now has a small toolbar of common visibility-related tools available near the top of the main graphics window, saving the time and extra mouse clicks associated with switching to the View tab to access these commands.
  • EZtol can now save and activate model display states
    • The Show/Hide status of various model items (components, supplemental geometry, annotations) can now be saved to a display state that can be activated later.
  • Undo / Redo now available for component selection and mating feature selection
    • When defining a stackup, you can now undo individual selections during the component selection process as well as the mating feature selection process. Now, if you inadvertently pick an incorrect item, you can just undo that selection instead of starting the process over.
  • Automatic including of part-level linear dimensions in the stackup loop
    • EZtol will now automatically detect linear dimensions that are part of the model PMI and include them in the dimension loop. Previously EZtol would only detect and include geometric tolerances and datum features, now it will also consider linear dimensions.
  • Statistical results graphs now include predicted quality for all metrics
    • The results graphs for statistical analyses now include predicted values for all quality metrics (Cpk, Sigma, DPMO, %Yield) even though only one metric is used as the target in the Objectives for the stackup.
  • Selection of alternate annotation plane for stackup dimensions
    • EZtol now allows you to change the annotation plane used for the stackup dimensions. Any planar surface or active section view that is valid for the stackup direction can be selected.
  • Improved graphics and model tree interactions
    • Supplemental geometry has better highlight and selection behavior.
    • Selecting a component in the graphics window will now highlight the component node in the tree.
    • Component name is now included in the right-click context menu when selecting mating features.
    • Failed items due to model changes are more clearly identified in the stackup table.

EZtol is a 1-Dimensional tolerance stackup analysis program designed to assist in understanding the impact on assembly-level requirements of the accumulation of part-level dimensional variation and part-to-part assembly variation. Interested users, including those who may have tested earlier versions of EZtol, may download a 7-day free trial from

Sigmetrix’s comprehensive, integrated portfolio includes other products and services including:

  • CETOL 6σ, a 3D tolerance analysis solution that works with NX, SOLIDWORKS, PTC Creo and CATIA V5-6
  • GD&T Advisor, an interactive tool that provides expert guidance on the correct application of GD&T withing the PTC Creo environment
  • Training provided through more than a dozen instructor-led and computer-based courses covering basic to advanced GD&T/GPS, MBE, and MBD
  • Consulting and implementation services team with years of experience in tolerance analysis and GD&T definition offers a variety of consulting services to augment your team, speed your project along and run analyses for your assemblies

About Sigmetrix

Sigmetrix has been helping companies produce better solutions for over 20 years through a combination of software solutions, training, and consulting services that focus on managing the impact of mechanical variation.

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