Siemens EDA Launches Cre8Ventures

PLANO, TX, Dec 19, 2023 – Siemens EDA has launched its collaborative venture initiative, Cre8Ventures, and is now accepting proposals for collaboration from European integrated circuit (IC) startups as part of its activities around the European Chips Act. Adopted by the European Union in 2023 to strengthen the EU’s semiconductor industry and reduce its reliance on foreign suppliers, the act aims to significantly boost the EU’s share of the global semiconductor market to by 2030.

Established to help European start-ups with their route-to-product, route-to-funding and route-to-market activities, Siemens’ Cre8Ventures looks to provide young companies with access to physical and cloud-based labs that are equipped to help start-ups and partners secure exceptional proof-of-technology, proof-of-concept and proof-of-value designs. The Siemens initiative is also designed to contribute to Europe’s leadership in the global semiconductor industry, providing a platform for EMEA-based chip/IC start-ups to collaborate on their designs with Siemens EDA. Through the labs, partner start-ups can leverage Siemens’ world class EDA tools, Emulation and FPGA prototyping solutions to develop, test and demonstrate their initial products – through subsystem pre-silicon digital twins.

Partner startups can also utilize Siemens’ PAVE360-based solution so they can prove out their claims through comprehensive, system-wide digital twins. With PAVE360, early-stage IC design teams can develop hardware and software in parallel. By “shifting-left” the design phase, PAVE360 can also help to compress design cycles and accelerate time to value and the market.

Cre8Ventures is open to early-stage IC companies in Europe, as well as to funded/later stage start-ups. To be eligible, companies must be developing innovative IC designs that have the potential to make a significant impact on the semiconductor industry. For more information, please visit This website provides more information about the initiative, including how to apply.

Siemens EDA invites all eligible organizations to join Cre8Ventures and be a part of shaping the future of semiconductor technologies. Get started today at

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