RP Platform Partners with 3T RPD

RP-Platform-logoLONDON, UK, June 30, 2016 – RP Platform has partnered with 3T RPD Ltd, a UK market leader in additive manufacturing, to provide automatic quotations and ordering for their customers. Instant online ordering will be available on www.3trpd.co.uk from September 2016. Carl Hopwood, business development at RP Platform, says: “we’re really excited to be able to able to support 3T RPD to extend their existing offering to quickly provide a new and improved customer service option for their clients.”

The online portal from RP Platform will provide 3T RPD with a 24/7 quoting and ordering system, speeding up the quotation and ordering process for their customers worldwide, whilst reducing the administration time for their sales team for smaller or repeat orders.

Ian Halliday, CEO of 3T RPD, says: “Our plastic Additive Manufacturing facility runs day and night and we have a shift rota of staff in place to ensure the build and breakout process runs continuously 7 days a week. However, the office is only staffed during normal working hours Monday to Friday, so the online portal will enable our customers to obtain quotations and place orders 24 hours a day even at weekends, without the need to speak to a member of our sales team.”

The online portal will offer a reduced time to order as 3T RPD customers won’t have to wait to receive a quotation before being able to place an order, thereby significantly improving the lead time for delivery of their parts. It also enables those that are outside of the UK in different time zones to order from us whilst our offices are closed. Customers who have repeat orders can place them by simply uploading their data and confirming their order without having to contact our sales team.

The completely automated process is available to all customers whatever their size, budget and location, providing their 3D CAD data is of good enough quality. They will be able to order parts in Nylon and Glass­ Filled Nylon, and request additional post ­processes of Vibro Finishing and Permanent Surface Coloring. Further materials and finishing options will become available as we continue to develop the portal.

About RP Platform

RP Platform is a software platform for companies that are using additive manufacturing technologies for internal production as well as companies providing external additive manufacturing services. The RP Platform is built to manage all CAD, customer and production data required in modern rapid prototyping companies to make overall production more efficient. With the RP Platform Web module software partners can accept online orders directly on their website and manage these orders and customers through to product delivery.

For more information, visit http://rpplatform.com/ and see the product demo here www.rpplatform.com/demo.

About 3T RPD

3T RPD Ltd is a market leader in additive manufacturing (AM), producing lightweight, high performance plastic and metal parts that are not achievable by traditional manufacturing techniques. They produce one off prototype parts for trial and testing through to end­ use production components, and pretty much anything in between, and often in a matter of days. Using layer based laser technologies, selective laser sintering and direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) are fast, cost ­effective and extremely accurate manufacturing processes. Inspiring designers and engineers to create parts specifically for the AM process, they are freed up from previous design constraints. Built directly from 3D CAD data, they negate the need for conventional tooling, and parts can be optimized to retain structural strength whilst reducing their weight.

For more information on 3T RPD Ltd, visit http://www.3trpd.co.uk/.

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