Rescan Announces Mobile CAD Viewer by Bentley iTwin Platform

MENLO PARK, CA, May 27, 2022 – REscan, Inc. announced the release of the REscan Viewer, a spatial communication tool that provides a fully immersive site visit and revisit experience from a distance for property professionals.

REscan Inc. rapidly digitizes and annotates large indoor spaces from a human point of view. Its 3D digital copies provide remote access to distant locations, enhance professional workflows, and facilitate machine understanding of the world.

The REscan Viewer is the best-in-class solution for reality capture for pedestrian and indoor spaces.

  • Check projects in the design and as-built phases on your mobile devices
  • Share 3D walkable environments with colleagues
  • Discover, measure, and annotate built and CAD spaces from first person point and birds-eye view as if being there

Powered by the Bentley iTwin platform, the REscan Viewer helps property professionals—such as designers and contractors—address several challenges, including:

  1. Viewing and understand building geometries on a mobile device
  1. Efficiently communicating in full 3D to prevent design/construction errors and compare the built reality with plans
  1. Collaborating with the developer on space-related decision making

The REscan Viewer is a mobile app that provides a singular user experience for viewing, exploring, annotating, and understanding real world spaces—both reality captures and CAD models.

“We are thrilled to join the Powered by iTwin program and to have the REscan Viewer featured within the iTwin ecosystem.” said Robert Herman, CEO and co-founder of REscan. “For us as a startup, it gives a big boost to further reach out to commercial and government players and contribute to the ongoing developments of the digital twin era. We believe that with Bentley Systems, we will greatly contribute to making digital twins part of our daily workflow and multiply our outreach to new customers.”

“We are delighted to have REscan, Inc. add their REscan Viewer to the Powered by iTwin program,” said Sheena Gaynes, director, business development, iTwin platform, at Bentley Systems. “In doing so, REscan joins a growing ecosystem of developers building digital twin solutions with the iTwin platform. The mobile REscan Viewer shows how digital twin technology can help the managers of large commercial real estate portfolios to view, explore, and understand real-world spaces—from a distance.”

About REscan, Inc.

REscan digitizes and streams the physical world starting with large commercial real estate portfolios. They make spaces remotely viewable, analyzable, editable, and ready for spatial computing applications.

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