PSRE Co., the leading developer of smart simulation and sizing tools for every piping and equipment engineer/designer, has announced that PASS/HYDROSYSTEM v4.3 for piping hydraulic and thermal analysis has been released.

This new version of PASS/HYDROSYTEM contains new features and significant enhancements:

  • Analysis of pipelines with different wall roughness, important for pipeline reconstruction, has been added.
  • A new piping component ‘reservoir’ has been added to simplify modeling storage tanks and other equipment with liquid column.
  • The option of customizing the list of pipe diameters for the diameters selection has been added.
  • The ability to more accurately enter properties and calculate the parameters of solid particles on “slurry” flow analysis has been added. Now you can model the size distribution of particles!
  • In version 4.3, the plug-in to import data from the AVEVA E3D software through open format files is now supplied with PASS/HYDROSYSTEM!
  • Various graphic improvements have been added, including displaying lengths of piping components and their names on a piping diagram and others.
  • The ability to set and calculate gauge pressures along with absolute pressure added.

About PSRE Co. 

PSRE (Piping System Research & Engineering Co.) offers a complete solution for engineering of Piping Systems and related equipment including engineering consulting and the PASS Software. By bringing its experience from many engineering projects into the PASS software tools and combining this embedded intelligence with powerful capabilities and unsurpassed usability, PSRE makes piping and equipment analysis practical for every engineer and designer while reducing the time, effort, and cost to perform the analysis.

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