Positioning Universal Opens New Office in San Diego, CA

The company continues to have an offering that keeps pace with the leading edge of technology and keeps users abreast of the latest developments of wireless service providers. Says Mark Wells, Positioning Universal’s president & CEO, “Expanding our development capability is crucial. Our customers are demanding this new technology, and this expansion into our new fulfillment facilities will also help us to achieve the most accurate and on-time commercial fulfillment.”

Positioning Universal’s new location in the Mission Valley area of San Diego, CA, is optimal for business as it is both close to major shipping hubs and convenient for employees.

To learn more about Positioning Universal, their latest offering – the FJ1000, and the changes coming in GPS tracking and IoT, please visit http://www.positioninguniversal.com/products/FJ1000.pdf.

About Positioning Universal

Positioning Universal Inc. is a San Diego-based, high-growth, global provider of IoT hardware devices & GPS vehicle and asset monitoring solutions. The company provides the networks, applications, and devices so that their customers can create customized applications and ser-vices for their customers or operations. Using advanced technology, Positioning Universal provides the most scalable platform and advanced level of device management available. Positioning Universal’s new address is: 7565 Mission Valley Road, #110, San Diego, CA 92108.

For more information, visit http://www.positioninguniversal.com.

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