PermitFlow Embedded App Experience Available Thru Procore

MILPITAS, CA, Oct 21, 2022 – PermitFlow, a construction permit application and management software for builders and owners, announced a new embedded experience integration for use with Procore Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of construction management software.

PermitFlow’s purpose-built software allows builders and owners the ability to easily prepare and submit permit applications, respond to municipal comments, and receive approvals all in one platform. Rather than juggling through the unique processes of municipalities, builders can use PermitFlow’s standardized, nationwide permit application workflow. By surfacing municipal requirements and digitizing the permit process, PermitFlow saves applicants’ time, minimizes errors, and shortens municipal review cycles — resulting in a faster time to permit.

The PermitFlow Embedded App Experience enables Procore’s users to manage the entire construction and building permit process conveniently within Procore. Unwieldy spreadsheets and document trackers can be replaced with PermitFlow’s in-app permit log and management platform. Construction teams can easily stay up to date with automated reminders, follow-ups, and permit expiration alerts to avoid any surprises.

“Our mission at PermitFlow is to make permitting faster and more reliable,” said Francis Thumpasery, CEO at PermitFlow. “America is facing a housing and infrastructure crisis and yet municipalities struggle with staffing shortages and are backlogged with work. It’s imperative that we streamline the process for applicants who grapple with the differences and complexities of each municipality. In many jurisdictions, permitting continues to be one of the top causes of construction delays.”

“Managing the permitting process is challenging,” said Doug Gibson, senior business development Manager at Procore. “PermitFlow’s launch on the Procore marketplace will provide a dedicated solution for construction permitting within the Procore platform. Their solution will help construction teams simplify the entire permitting process and stay focused on the project at hand.”

“PermitFlow’s Embedded Experience is simple and easy to install and access through Procore’s App Marketplace,” said Samuel Lam, CTO at PermitFlow. “Procore users have eagerly waited for this launch, as the ability to digitize and automate many of their existing permit processes has been especially attractive. The efficiency gains that we can offer to both builders and AHJs will help to accelerate the overall building process in the United States.”

To learn more about PermitFlow, visit us on the Procore App Marketplace.

About PermitFlow

PermitFlow is the first construction permit application and management platform for builders and owners. They are on a mission to streamline and simplify construction permitting in the United States, unlocking more value in the $1.6 trillion construction market. Their software reduces time to permit while standardizing municipalities’ building permit submittal process in a single platform. They support permitting end-to-end including permit research, application preparation, submission, and monitoring. With their nationwide coverage and deep, local municipal expertise, PermitFlow helps builders permit whether in a single municipality or across multiple states.

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About Procore

Procore is a leading global provider of construction management software. Over 1 million projects and more than $1 trillion USD in construction volume have run on Procore’s platform. Their platform connects every project stakeholder to solutions they’ve built specifically for the construction industry—for the owner, the general contractor, and the specialty contractor. Procore’s App Marketplace has a multitude of partner solutions that integrate seamlessly with our platform, giving construction professionals the freedom to connect with what works best for them. Headquartered in Carpinteria, CA, Procore has offices around the globe.

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