Nozomi Networks Announces SCADAguardian v17.0

Nozomi Networks_logoNozomi Networks has announced its latest release of SCADAguardian. A solution for cybersecurity risk detection is now a solution to support both operational visibility and ICS cybersecurity with new modules for asset management and vulnerability assessment. It also introduces dynamic learning for configuration-free deployments. This gives energy utilities, oil and gas operators and manufacturers the industry’s only single solution to comprehensively monitor control networks for cybersecurity and operational anomalies.

For industrial operators, tracking assets and knowing their configuration and firmware versions, as well as other attributes, is often a lengthy manual process that is prone to human error and hard to keep up-to-date. SCADAguardian 17.0 automates asset tracking, keeps information current, and makes it easy to visualize, find and drill down on asset information such as software and hardware versions. Alerts, consolidated into context-aware incidents, notify operators of changes that may indicate a cybersecurity or operational incident.

SCADAguardian makes it possible for operators to stay on top of device vulnerabilities, updates and patch requirements. By constantly analyzing industrial network assets against a repository of ICS vulnerabilities, SCADAguardian saves time and improves cyber resiliency. A dedicated view of all vulnerabilities and their severity facilitates fast remediation.

These latest capabilities join a  set of security monitoring modules in SCADAguardian to deliver a single solution for both effective operational visibility and cybersecurity threat detection.

For more information, visit Nozomi Networks website.

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