MEPcontent Henco Product Line Placer for Revit Released

BODEGRAVEN, Netherlands, Mar 15, 2018 – BIM engineers, modelers and designers can draw Henco piping systems fast and easy. It is no longer necessary to place every component in a system individually, a time consuming process. While you draw, the auto routing and node solver functionalities, the new MEPcontent Henco Product Line Placer App for Revit will automatically add the correct Henco specific fittings to your system.

Easily design Henco piping systems

The free MEPcontent Henco Product Line Placer App makes it very easy for Revit users to manage Henco piping systems within a BIM project. Just draw and click and the right Henco fittings will be added to the Henco piping system instantly. From within your BIM project you can order articles from your material list, such as Henco pipes, Henco couplings or Henco press fittings.  Currently the Henco PVDF Press and Henco PVDF Press Gas product lines are available.

The MEPcontent Henco Product Line Placer App for Revit can be downloaded for free from the MEPcontent store. Downloading and installing the App is easy to do and can bedone in seconds.

About MEPcontent and Stabiplan

MEPcontent is part of Stabiplan – a Trimble company, with 27 years of experience delivering MEP design software, data and Apps. MEPcontent, the largest BIM library for MEP engineers, offers up-to-date BIM content and productivity enhancing BIM applications for the MEP industry. MEPcontent is constantly expanding the number of Apps and App functionalities to offer MEP engineers and other MEP specialists the ability to work faster on specific jobs to be done.

About Stabiplan

Stabiplan, a Trimble company, is market leader since 1990 for Revit and CAD based design software in the MEP industry. Their product, Stabicad, is multi-platform and customized to local needs and requirements of MEP engineers. They serve 10,000 Stabicad users and have offices in Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Romania.

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