MakerOS Updated for 3D Printing, Digital Fabrication

NEW YORK, NY, Sep 10, 2020 – MakerOS has made it easier than ever for 3D printing and digital fabrication teams to collaborate with each other and clients with the release of a new version of their collaboration software. Included in this new version are significant updates to the automated quoting system, 3D CAD file viewer, the Client Portal, and a new project board system. Combined, these new improvements better sync sales and engineering teams to streamline workflows and develop products faster.

“MakerOS has really streamlined our project management for our 3D services. The biggest benefit we have seen is the ability to have all communication, CAD/reference files, and invoices accessible in one easy to use online portal. This is miles better than having all this information scattered through multiple email threads with our clients,” says John Kray, founder and CEO of Hydra Research in Portland, OR.

The notable elements of this new version of MakerOS that enables such a heightened level of collaboration between teams and clients are the Communication Hub, the Projects boards, and the Client Portal.

With the Communication Hub, MakerOS offers companies and their clients an alternative to back-and-forth emails that’s more suitable to their goals. Messaging in the Communication Hub is specific to a particular project. Project managers and their clients can attach 3D CAD or any other files to messages, which are stored inside the project’s file repository.

MakerOS also sports a new fully integrated online 3D viewing and inspection tool. These tools are capable of similar functionality found in most slicer software programs and are designed to create an all in one project management to client experience without leaving MakerOS.

“The MakerOS platform is designed to be the ultimate business operating system for 3D printing and fabrication teams,” says Mike Moceri, CEO and founder of MakerOS. “There’s no other platform that fundamentally takes engineering data and connects it with the sales process so that a 3D printing or fabrication company is more likely to succeed.”

About MakerOS

Founded in 2015, MakerOS is a Web-based collaboration platform for 3D printing and digital fabrication companies to better collaborate with their clients throughout the entire lifecycle of the project, creating efficiencies that lead to more profits and better workflows. The software enables companies to work as distributed teams. Managers can remotely manage and collaborate with their team to complete client projects.

The MakerOS software features a suite of integrated tools that optimizes project workflows. Complete projects more efficiently. Tools include a Public Autoquoter, an online 3D viewer, a file sharing and messaging portal, an inventory manager, and a payment portal.

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