MagiCloud BIM Library Offers Free Access

TURKU, Finland, Nov 9, 2017 – The online BIM object library MagiCloud provides free-of-charge access to the world’s largest library of manufacturer-verified BIM objects for mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design. MagiCloud offers BIM objects for Revit, AutoCAD and MagiCAD software, and is the first BIM library to offer advanced product search based on system operating point and sound attenuation.

MagiCloud is developed by the Finnish MEP software vendor Progman, and in October 2017, the library reached the milestone of 150,000 users internationally. Since its initial release in 2016, MagiCloud has quickly taken its place as the leading access point for manufacturer-verified BIM content for MEP designers. MagiCloud includes over 1,000,000 data-rich BIM objects of commercially available MEP devices and components from 250 international manufacturers.

“MagiCloud has surpassed our initial forecasts by a significant margin. Since its launch in January 2016, we have seen an ever-increasing number of new users on our cloud platform on a monthly basis. As we have now established a critical mass of users, we are ready to take MagiCloud to the next level where MEP engineers can use advanced cloud-based tools to enhance their daily productivity. Our recent release of the System Operating Point filter for ventilation design is a good example of these unique new tools,” says Jukka Nyman, managing director of Progman. 

Advanced product search helps MEP designers save time in their daily work

MagiCloud helps MEP designers to save a considerable amount of time in their day-to-day work by making it easier and faster to find the right kind of MEP product for a given purpose. With MagiCloud’s precise product search functions, wide selection of available products and reliable product data, the MEP designers have less need for spending time searching the web for suitable BIM objects. On top of this, they can also rely on the accuracy of the object’s technical data content for calculations.

“With MagiCloud, the user can make advanced searches based on specific product types, diameters, dimensions, and even functional data, such as sound attenuation and system operating point when designing ventilation networks,” comments Vilhelm Backman, product manager for MagiCloud at Progman.

“Our continuous development aims at creating search functions that facilitate and support daily design tasks in the optimal manner, which means that MagiCloud users are introduced with new and improved ways of searching products on a fairly regular basis,” continues Vilhelm.

“We work in close cooperation with the manufacturers to ensure that the BIM objects in MagiCloud represent the real products, in terms of accurate dimensions and functional data needed for engineering calculations. I am confident that this is one of the most important reasons why MagiCloud keeps attracting new users at an ever-increasing pace,” Vilhelm concludes.

Register to MagiCloud free of charge to download BIM objects.

About Progman

Progman specializes in software and services for the building industry. Their popular MagiCAD software for Revit and AutoCAD is the number one building information modelling (BIM) solution for mechanical, electrical and piping design in the Nordics, Russia and China. In addition, their online BIM library, MagiCloud enables access to more than 1,000,000 intelligent 3D product models from leading industry manufacturers. Each product has been carefully modelled to contain accurate dimensions and comprehensive technical data.

With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, their team of passionate software professionals continues to provide our customers with intelligent solutions which make daily engineering and design easier, faster and more profitable. Their products are developed in Finland and they are sold in over 70 countries around the world. Progman is a Glodon Group company.

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