Logopress3 Die Design Released for SOLIDWORKS

Logopress Corp. along with their North American technical center Accurate Die Design Software, Inc. have released their new 2018 version of their SOLIDWORKS – based Logopress3 die design software. This new version includes 16 pages of enhancements and new features.

In a single mouse validation click, the Logopress3 command named Insert a Set of Components places a group of components including all fasteners, springs, holes and pockets.

While doing a strip layout and defining the cutting punches, it is very common that the slug being cut out is not the exact shape of the punch due to overlap with prior cutting punches and because of the strip width edge of the material. But it can be useful to understand exactly what the slug being cut looks like. Logopress3 now shows the actual slugs underneath the punches that will be falling though the die openings.

Once the strip layout is complete and the user is presented with the size of the strip along with the tonnage required for the die, the designer can select which press the die will run in. At this point the designer can select from a family of tool templates that they can customize that will be fit for that specific press. This provides standardization among users and it is also especially helpful for new users in the company whether they be estimators or die designers because they can simply select the die parameters from a predefined database.

Similarly, as the die designer is creating the die they can choose a predefined group of components from a database and insert them using the new Logopress3 Insert a Set of Components command. Not only does this insert this group of components along with all applicable fasteners and springs, it also creates all milled pockets, holes and openings automatically as well. It does all of this with a single mouse validation click. For example, this could be a stripper form insert and its pocket and screws in the stripper sub-assembly, along with the form up punch and its related pressure pad, springs, screws and openings in the die assembly.

The Logopress3 die simulation (die kinematics) and dynamic interference detection has been expanded to include not only dynamic interference but also static interference as well. The simulation now also includes two new types of motion– traction and connecting rod/crank. These new motions will especially benefit those companies that create metal stampings using four-slide and vertical slide machines, as well as those running transfer dies.

In the bill of materials (BOM) it is now possible to automatically add an oversized machining allowance to the finished dimensions of the stock size for ordering purposes.

About Accurate Die Design Software, Inc.

Started in 2001 as a die design firm by the name of Accurate Die Design, Inc., the company evolved over the years into a software company. Since 2005, Accurate Die Design Software, Inc. has been the North American Master Distributor for Logopress3, a 3D die design software package that runs inside of SOLIDWORKS. They also are a reseller for forming simulation/analysis and flat blank prediction software from Forming Technologies, Inc. The company’s sole focus is providing 3D die design software, training and support to companies in the tool & die and metal stamping industries, as well as flattening and forming simulation software.

For more information, visit the company’s website http://www.DieDesignSoftware.com.

About Logopress Corp.

Headquartered in Besancon, France, since 1989 Logopress’ only business has been the development of die design software for the tool & die and metal stamping industry, as well as related flattening software for various applications. Logopress3 is a worldwide leader in die design software and their 3D products have achieved SOLIDWORKS certified gold partner status.

For more information, visit the company’s website http://www.logopress3.com.

About Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corp.

Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corp., a Dassault Systèmes S.A. subsidiary, is a world leader in 3D solutions that help millions of engineers and designers succeed through innovation.

For more information, visit the company’s website http://www.solidworks.com/.

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