Laguna Tools Acquires Dake

Laguna Tools, Inc., has completed the acquisition of Dake Corp. from its parent company JSJ Corp. Dake Corp. is a metalworking company specializing in presses, bandsaws, and other machine tools. In line with Laguna Tools’ growth strategy, the acquisition of Dake Corp. will provide Laguna with a solid and diverse platform for the continued development of its metalworking line of products and offerings.

Dake Corp. is the 2nd acquisition for Laguna in the past two years. In September 2017, Laguna Tools acquired SuperMax, a manufacturer and distributor of sanding/finishing equipment for the woodworking and metalworking industries, successfully growing it multiple times over.

About Laguna Tools, Inc

Laguna Tools, Inc has developed a cult-like following with its innovative automated machinery, serving the woodworking, metalworking, and signage industries. Laguna’s product offerings range from automated machinery such as three and five axis CNC routers, plasma and laser cutters, to hobby-related equipment such as bandsaws, planers, and table saws. Laguna Tools, Inc also specializes in equipment such as dust collection, and air filtration systems.

Laguna Tools, Inc. currently occupies two main facilities in Irvine CA (Headquarters), West Columbia, SC, and will be strategically and substantially expanding its operations into a 3rd facility in Dallas, TX scheduled to open February 2020. Laguna also has a location in Minnesota, and now Michigan with the acquisition of Dake Corp.

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