Innovyze Launches InfoDrainage for Drainage Design

NEWBURY, UK, Nov 17, 2020 – Innovyze, the global leader in water infrastructure software, announced the launch of InfoDrainage, the next generation of sustainable drainage design tools.

Innovyze opens a new chapter in drainage design by making it quicker and easier to gain planning approval for drainage design as well as save time and money by reducing the need to rework designs.

With requirements for sustainable drainage in developments increasing, InfoDrainage ensures that developers and designers can submit accurate designs for effective surface water management in a highly visual format that is accessible to all stakeholders – including those without a technical background. Developers and designers can see how InfoDrainage optimizes drainage design, while also making it easier for residents and communities to see what will happen in a development, often a reason for planning approval delays.

Designers, developers and approvers benefit from InfoDrainage’s new, highly graphical interface showing detailed analysis of traditional and sustainable drainage systems and surface water management systems – SuDS, WSUD, LID, BMP – as well as integration with complementary systems such as Autodesk Civil 3D and BIM compatibility.

  • Faster approvals and reduced rework: graphically presenting sustainable drainage systems and their connections results in less rework and makes it easier to communicate SuDS, WSUD, LID and BMP designs to clients and approvers.
  • Clearer, easier communication: representing complex hydraulics in visual detail, with water levels tracked per layer, helps communicate the benefits of sustainable drainage structures clearly.
  • Faster ‘true-to-site’ design: loading site areas automatically from CAD files to create catchment areas saves time in model setup.

“InfoDrainage represents an important next step in drainage design. It is inspired by over 30 years of customers’ valuable feedback and the need to address the growing requirements for sustainable drainage systems to better protect our communities and waterways,” said John Hunt, senior vice president sales EMEAI, Innovyze.

“InfoDrainage is a game changer in making drainage design more accurate, approachable and simpler for designers, developers and approvers. Environmental infrastructure has been on the agenda for developments around the world for decades. InfoDrainage puts sustainable drainage at the heart of a design plan by making it easier to understand and include in development planning.” said Jessica Jefferys, product manager, Drainage Design, Innovyze.

The product roadmap for InfoDrainage will ensure Innovyze retains its leadership position in drainage design software in the UK and Ireland with MicroDrainage and will continue to grow as sustainable drainage and surface water management become increasingly important around the world.

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