Geospatial Appoints Rob Brook as Team Lead GeoUnderground

PITTSBURGH, PA, Oct 13, 2017 – Geospatial Corp. announces the addition of Rob Brook, a globally recognized infrastructure and utility industry veteran to the company’s executive management team.  Mr. Brook who will serve as team lead GeoUnderground, their proprietary cloud-based GIS software, is a former senior director – Gas Infrastructure for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and he served as the Global Pipeline and Gas Utilities Industry Manager for ESRI, the GIS software industry leader. Rob has also served on the board of the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) and has developed a strong understanding of the enterprise IT, asset management, public works, pipelines and gas utilities integrity management solutions.

Rob will be based in Walnut Creek, CA providing access to Silicon Valley. Geospatial, being a Google Cloud Partner, places Rob in close proximity to interact with and manage our Google Partnership. In addition, Rob will be responsible for all aspects of our Infrastructure management solutions including future product development and integration with clients, lead new marketing and strategic initiatives such as our Smart Cities Infrastructure Solutions and manage Geospatial’s IGAPP Program.

“Rob is going to be a major asset to our continued effort in providing our customers a total solution to their locational asset management and integrity programs. He brings a wealth of knowledge, leadership and the critical thinking to solve the challenges our customers face in the field and the management of critical data across multiple divisions within their organizations. Our solutions allow them to manage new and tougher regulations,” said Mark Smith, Chairman and CEO of Geospatial Corp.

“While infrastructure operators have many competing objectives, safety and service delivery are the most important” says Mr. Brook. “For many reasons you can’t achieve these without knowing the accurate location of your assets. The technology combination offered by Geospatial Corporation gives organizations the best possible way of defining and exposing location. I am excited about how we are going to make operators safe and successful.”

About Geospatial Corp.

Geospatial Corp. utilizes integrated technologies to determine the accurate location and position of underground pipelines, conduits and other underground infrastructure data allowing Geospatial to create accurate 3D digital maps and models of underground infrastructure. The company manages this critical infrastructure data on its cloud-based portal called GeoUnderground, their proprietary platform custom designed around the Google Maps technology. Geospatial Corp. is a Google Cloud Partner.

Their website is

About GeoUnderground

GeoUnderground, designed around the Google Maps platform, is Geospatial’s cloud-based product that provides clients with a cost effective solution for their underground and aboveground asset management needs.  Geospatial is a Google Cloud – Technology Partner.

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