FRILO v2023-1 Released for Structural Analysis, Design

STUTTGART, Germany, Nov 29, 2022 – FRILO Software GmbH has successfully delivered software version 2023-1. With this update, the provider of innovative solutions for structural analysis and structural design is launching four new PLUS programs – including the continuous beam DLT. In addition, an interface between SCIA Engineer and FRILO ensures significantly more efficiency in the design of masonry structures.

Insights into the new functionalities (c) FRILO Software GmbH

The highlight of the new FRILO version is the provision of the refurbished continuous beam DLT as a PLUS program. The most widely used FRILO solution, which can be used to calculate single-span and continuous beams made of reinforced concrete, steel and timber with any number of spans with or without cantilevers, has been transferred to the modern, user-friendly PLUS interface as part of the software update. With the help of interactive graphical input, system dimensions can now be adjusted quickly and clearly using adaptive dimensional chains. Another special feature is the new interactive and intuitive reinforcement guide, which can be used to generate individually designed reinforcement graphics. Despite all the innovations, however, the unique selling point of the DLT+, with its effortless switching between the materials wood, steel and reinforced concrete, remains unchanged.

ZÜ: New special solutions for steel construction

With the programs Chimney Steel S8+ and Antenna Design ATB+, two smart special solutions for steel construction have been developed. The two new FRILO programs now enable structural engineers to calculate steel chimneys according to DIN EN 1993-3-2 and antenna masts according to DIN EN 1993-3-1 reliably and easily. The solutions are tailored to the special requirements for the design of the corresponding structures and are equipped with the modern, user-friendly PLUS interface. In particular, the automatic determination of wind loads as well as the determination of equivalent forces due to vortex-excited transverse vibrations offer users great added value.

ZÜ: Efficient design of masonry structures with SCIA and FRILO

Starting from a 3D model in SCIA Engineer, users will in future be able to simply extract individual walls and wall sections and transfer them to the FRILO masonry program MWX+ via the newly programmed interface. During the transfer, all information on materials, load cases and actions as well as boundary conditions already known in the 3D model of SCIA are automatically taken into account. This means that the data does not have to be entered manually in FRILO again. This saves time and reduces sources of error. In MWX+, the corresponding verifications for the structural safety of individual walls can then be performed easily and reliably. “With the new workflow, SCIA and FRILO bring together the advantages of both software solutions to ensure a highly efficient way of working when designing masonry structures,” says Markus Gallenberger, CEO of both companies.

ZÜ: More options for the design of timber foundations and frame corners

With the new FD+ PRO add-on module, the scope of services for foundation design has been significantly extended. For different limit states, special foundation verifications and verification techniques as well as additional load approaches and geometry definitions have been added. The new PLUS program HO6+ Frame Corner can be used to design connections of flexurally rigid frame corners of glulam hall trusses that are designed with dowel circles (one or two circles) of bar dowels, dowels of special design or with finger joints (one or two joints).

ZÜ: Design of carbon concrete with CARBOrefit

CARBOrefit is an innovative method for reinforcing reinforced concrete with carbon concrete. For uniaxially bending stressed rectangular cross-sections, the latest FRILO version now allows to define reinforcements for the bending load capacity with CARBOrefit according to approval. With the cooperation with CRABOCON GmbH, FRILO paves the way to contribute as a software provider to more sustainability and climate efficiency in the construction industry. “With CARBOrefit, there exists an economical, building authority-regulated and resource-saving method for reinforcement with carbon concrete. Therefore, we are pleased to have implemented the first corresponding verifications in our software and to expand the offer step by step together with CARBOCON,” says Markus Gallenberger and adds: “The many new features and innovations support structural engineers in making their busy daily work more efficient.”


FRILO has been offering both powerful and user-friendly software solutions for structural calculations for over 40 years and has become a leading provider in this field on the German market. Thanks to the modular system underlying the innovative product portfolio, the load-bearing capacity of individual components of different design and material variants can be verified separately and precisely. With more than 150 calculation programs, it is ensured that the available solutions accurately meet the requirements of a structural engineer’s everyday work. FRILO, with its headquarters in Stuttgart, has been integrated into the Nemetschek Group as an independent brand since 1999.

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