Free Field Wins 2017 Peter Lord Award for Actran

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, July 3, 2017 – Free Field Technologies, an MSC Software Company, has been recognized by the Institute of Acoustics as the winner of the 2017 Peter Lord Award for Actran. Actran is an acoustic simulation software dedicated to aircraft engine noise predictions. The Peter Lord Award is awarded annually for a project, or product that showcases outstanding and innovative acoustic design.

Acoustic propagation at the inlet of a turbofan engine computed by Actran

“Free Field Technologies’ entire staff is deeply honored to have been awarded the Peter Lord Award.” said Jean-Louis Migeot, FFT’s chief executive officer, as he received the award on behalf of the research and development team. “This award reflects the innovative-driven mindset of the team and the tradition of research at FFT. We constantly push the limits of acoustic simulation to come up with more accurate and efficient modeling methods.”

Actran is a finite element-based CAE software dedicated to solve acoustic propagation and radiation of turbomachinery noise. Its development started in the late ’90s and is now the most widely used software for designing aircraft engine acoustic treatments, contributing to the effort in reducing aircraft noise pollution.

To simulate the acoustic propagation in the complex environment that surrounds aircraft engines, numerous innovative features were implemented into Actran. The two cornerstones of Actran are its accurate representation of high order duct modes and the extension of the Infinite Element method to account for the presence of mean flow. Other notable features include advanced methods to represent acoustic treatments in the presence of flow, extract duct mode amplitudes from CFD results, and accelerating the simulation of engines with symmetrical geometries.

“This award is a great accomplishment for the team, but it is not the culmination of our work. We are continuing to work in close collaboration with aircraft engine manufacturers and research institutes to bring to Actran ever so exciting new features that, we believe, will contribute to decrease even further aircraft noise pollution.” concludes Jean-Louis Migeot.

About Free Field Technologies an MSC Software Company

Founded in 1998, and headquartered in Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, Free Field Technologies, an MSC Software company, develops and supports Actran, a powerful software suite for acoustic, vibro-acoustic and aero-acoustic modeling. Actran contains a wide set of acoustic features making it the solution of choice for customers as diverse as top car manufacturers and their suppliers, the largest civil and military aircraft and aircraft engine manufacturers, leading producers of loudspeakers and other audio devices, consultants, universities and research centers. FFT maintains offices in Toulouse, Tokyo, Beijing and Detroit.

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