eNET Announces eNETMD CMMS Maintenance Dashboard

eNET has announced the release of a new addition to the eNET family of softwares, eNETMD. This Maintenance Dashboard is hosted on-site, with a stream-lined design that will not stress your local network and useful for shop’s maintenance scheduling & reporting. A real-time Maintenance Dashboard allows for full visibility of your facility & machine maintenance needs, throughout the whole organization.

Designed hand-in-hand with eNET Customers to provide CMMS tools, without the clutter of unnecessary extras found in legacy CMMS systems. Schedule or prioritize today’s Maintenance needs or even weekly, monthly and yearly Preventative Maintenance projects.

eNETMD also offers an email server with automated notifications to improve communication within your Maintenance Department. Get control of your Maintenance planning today and use eNETMD to minimize maintenance-related machine downtime on the shop floor. The first seat of eNETMD is only $500, with additional seats available for $250. Made in the USA.

About eNET

eNET is the industry leader in providing CNC software & hardware solutions, serving the manufacturing industry for over 25 years with Resellers throughout North America. Providing free Software/Firmware updates and phone support, all without the hassle of yearly maintenance fees.

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