Electromate Introduces SMAC CBL35C Electric Cylinder

Electromate has introduced the 35mm diameter CBL35C electric cylinder with built-in controller from SMAC Corp. With its built-in controller, the CBL35C controls force, position and velocity.

The CBL35C series is designed to enable the direct replacement of existing pneumatic cylinders and retrofits without any machine modifications required.

It‘s Graphical User Interface allows for setup of parameters and permits the user to change product profiles on the fly.


  • Built-in controller
  • Programmable position, velocity and force


  • Dimensions [mm]: Ø35 x 135 – 217(depending on stroke)
  • Stroke [mm]: 10, 25 (+1/-0)
  • Acceleration[G]: up to 50 (zero payload)
  • Peak Force [N]: up to 61
  • Encoder Resolution [µm]: 5 (standard) 1 & 0.1 (Options)

For more information, visit Electromate website.

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