e-Xstream engineering Partners with Hexcel

e-Xstream_logoNEWPORT BEACH, CA, Mar 15,  2017 – e-Xstream engineering, an MSC Software company, and the world leader in multi-scale modelling of composite materials and structures, announced a collaboration project with Hexcel Corp., a leading advanced composites materials company.

HexMC is a Hexcel product made of long discontinuous carbon pre-impregnated fibers and was specifically developed for compression molding of structural parts with complex geometries. Hexcel has superior material and process expertise to generate the data needed to support e-Xstream in the development of next generation of long discontinuous fiber simulation. In this collaboration, e-Xstream will develop the Digimat platform to model the molding of HexMC material (Digimat-CM), HexMC behavior (Digimat-FE) and the performance of the structures made from HexMC (Digimat-RP). Hexcel and e-Xstream will also work closely together on the verification & validation of the software on actual parts.

“We’ve been working with Hexcel for more than 10 years. Today we are very proud to grow our partnership to support HexMC and help our customer to design and product HexMC structures,” says Roger A. Assaker, CEO of e-Xstream engineering.

“HexMC is an engineered molding compound that can be formed into high performance structures, if designed to leverage its unique features and attributes. We are extremely delighted to offer design tools developed by e-Xstream that can enable customers to realize the most from this performance material,” says Sanjeev Gaikwad, director of sales and marketing for Hexcel.

About e-Xstream engineering

Founded in 2003, e-Xstream engineering, an MSC Software Company is a software and engineering services company 100% focused on the multi-scale  modelling of composite materials and structures. The company helps customers, material suppliers, and material users across many industries. They aim to reduce the cost and time needed to engineer innovative materials and products using Digimat, the nonlinear multi-scale material and structure modelling platform. Since September 2012, e-Xstream engineering is a subsidiary of MSC Software Corp.

About MSC Software (MSC)

MSC Software is one of the ten original software companies and the worldwide leader in multidiscipline simulation. As a trusted partner, MSC Software helps companies improve quality, save time, and reduce costs associated with design and test of manufactured products. Academic institutions, researchers, and students employ MSC’s technology to expand individual knowledge as well as expand the horizon of simulation. MSC Software employs 1,300 professionals in 20 countries.

For additional information about MSC Software’s products and services, please visit www.mscsoftware.com.

About Hexcel Corp.

Hexcel Corp. is a leading advanced composites company. It develops, manufactures and markets lightweight, high-performance structural materials, including carbon fibers, reinforcements, prepregs, honeycomb, matrix systems, adhesives and composite structures, used in commercial aerospace, space and defense and industrial applications such as wind turbine blades.

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