Deltek, AIA Announce Innovations for A&E Industry

HERNDON, VA, June 6, 2024 – Deltek, the leading global provider of software and solutions for project-based businesses, along with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), will unveil its latest innovations for Deltek Specpoint, the home of AIA MasterSpec at the AIA Conference on Architecture & Design 2024 (AIA24). Specpoint Best Practices and Dela, the AI-powered business companion that includes digital assistant capabilities, will both be front and center during the event for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals, being held in Washington, D.C. June 5-8.

During the new Expo experience on June 6 and 7, attendees will be able to see a hands-on demo of one of the latest innovations, Specpoint Best Practices. This new capability within Specpoint leverages intelligent tagging systems that simplify the application of standards across projects, significantly reducing manual tasks and potential for errors writing construction specifications. In addition, attendees will be able to demo AIA MasterSpec, powered by Deltek Specpoint. MasterSpec is the only certified content and the most comprehensive product research and specifications resource in the A&E industry – and as a part of Specpoint, spec writing is more manageable in one easy-to-use tool.

“With Specpoint Best Practices, we are revolutionizing the way A&E professionals approach project creation,” said Kevin Plexico, senior vice president of information solutions at Deltek. “It empowers users with the potential to automatically generate 80% of their specifications upon creation, freeing up that time to concentrate on the design phases. By automating the integration of firm and owner standards, preferences, and guidelines into projects, users are not only saving time but also enhancing accuracy across the board.”

Deltek will also be showcasing Dela for Specpoint, an AI-powered intelligent business companion that is revolutionizing project delivery. Anticipated for release in late June, Dela’s Specpoint Digital Assistant enables intelligent exploration of AIA MasterSpec content in Specpoint, making it easier to find specs and engage users through natural language. Users can ask Dela about the differences between specifying certain materials, get an example of how to specify a particular product, and much more.

These advancements are part of Deltek’s ongoing commitment to construction specification innovation and excellence, providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of the A&E industry. By harnessing the power of automation and AI, Deltek Specpoint is setting new standards for what is possible in project specification and management.

“AIA and Deltek have a history of working together to provide leadership in the architecture and building design industry, beginning with MasterSpec, and continuing with Deltek Specpoint,” said Andrew Flank, SVP at AIA. “We are excited about the future of our partnership with Deltek and evolving these tools, in particular with the addition of AI.”

Industry Partnerships at the AIA Conference on Architecture & Design

In addition to working alongside AIA, Deltek has a deep partnership with ConstructConnect, a leading provider of construction information and technology solutions. ConstructConnect is committed to transforming the way the commercial construction industry does business by providing tools – from bid management solutions to digital takeoff and estimating software – needed to drive success.

“Our partnership with Deltek brings building product manufacturers (BPMs) to Specpoint to list their products for specification. Innovations like Specpoint Best Practices help architects specify more easily and help the BPMs give architects the right product information for their projects. We are excited about this continued evolution and the way our combined efforts are transforming how construction specifications are created in the industry,” said Jennifer Johnson, chief product officer at ConstructConnect.

Where to See Deltek

As a platinum sponsor, presenter and exhibitor at AIA24, Deltek has a full slate of thought leadership, continuing education and product showcases lined up.

Deltek A&E experts will be sharing the latest innovations in industry sessions on June 6 – Chris Metropulos, Director of Product Management at Deltek will present Specifications in the Age of AI, and Bret Tushaus, Assoc. AIA and VP of Product Management at Deltek will present Empowering Architects: Harnessing AI and ML for Enhanced Performance. And on June 7, Bret Tushaus will also present Architecting the Future: Leveraging Accessible Innovation for Firm Success.

Attendees can also visit the Deltek booth to learn about other Deltek solutions for the A&E industry including Ajera, Vantagepoint and ArchiSnapper and explore recent innovations and AI capabilities that boost efficiency and productivity.

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