Copia Unveils Industrial DevOps Platform

Copia Automation launched the Copia Industrial DevOps Platform, a cloud-based Git solution that serves as an operational technology (OT) control center. The platform provides a clear view of all code within industrial operations to eliminate unexpected disruptions resulting from coding errors.

Industrial operations gain a strategic advantage with continuous quality control, production optimization, and preemptive crisis management to minimize product recalls, downtime, and safety or cyber threats, saving millions of dollars in lost productivity.

Amazon recently deployed Copia’s technology at its warehouses and expects an 80% reduction in unexpected downtime due to unapproved control changes — a significant increase in the scalability of code improvements — and a 25% improvement in high-severity issue resolution time. Copia has raised $30 million from investors since 2020, and has been adopted by more than 1,500 developers at 100 companies globally.

Industrial Automation Challenges 

  • Operational outages are common occurrences, causing severe disruptions that can halt plant operations and jeopardize the integrity of entire industrial systems. When a Toyota computer system in Japan malfunctioned in August 2023, production was halted in 14 factories for a full day, costing the company an estimated $356 million in revenue.
  • Quick-fix engineering updates and localized modifications to automated manufacturing processes are commonly used as short-term solutions but there is no way to detect and validate these ad hoc code changes.
  • With no way to trace or account for these changes, conflicting operations can occur leading to expensive production failures that require huge amounts of time to investigate and resolve.

Copia brings many of the concepts, tools, and best practices that helped DevOps revolutionize the IT industry (e.g. visibility, automation, validation, and quality control) to the operational technology industry. Mitigation with Industrial DevOps, modern practices and toolsets provide unprecedented visibility and control over industrial code in development, production, and management throughout project lifetimes. As coding at scale increases at industry sites, Copia offers enhanced code visibility to:

  • Enable greater collaboration among coders
  • Provide a one-stop platform for all files and upgrades
  • Boost efficiency by standardizing code and upgrades across multiple sites
  • Supply actionable visibility and control, and immediate disaster recovery

About Copia Automation

With its headquarters in New York City, Copia Automation is a member of the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer in Manufacturing.

The Copia platform provides a reliable single source of truth for code across various devices, languages, and locations to eliminate system malfunctions and downtime, expedite disaster recovery, and facilitate effortless quality control to optimize operations and increase revenues.

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