CMT Introduces Mite-E-Mark for Robotic Work Cells

Columbia Marking Tools (CMT), has developed ready-made, complete marking stations to interface with robotic work cells. The compact systems, called the Mite-E-Mark, specialize in marking station ID’s, date codes, or QC marks on products.

According to CMT, these air impact stations are a lower cost solution to dot-peen and laser marking systems. They also note their units are extremely rugged, provide rapid cycle times, and produce deep, highly-legible marks.

Columbia Marking tools Machine

CMT’s new marking stations feature a plug-and-play design with a selection of dry or lubricated air, all required valves, marker mounts and a part rest. The height and location of the part rest are custom-designed per application. An optional Fieldbus for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) communications is also available.

Columbia Marking tools Machine

About CMT

Founded in 1960, Columbia Marking Tools (CMT) is a manufacturer of marking products including laser marking, numbering, embossing & hot stamping machinery. Products are suitable for most metals including stainless steel, carbon-steel, aluminum, copper & brass. Dies such as embossing, custom, roll & marking are also available. Other products include stamps such as hand, concrete & sidewalk marking & steel marking. Services include machinery installation. The company is headquartered in Chesterfield, Michigan and manufacturers many different types of marking systems from hand stamps to lasers. If you would like to learn more about Columbia Marking Tools, visit

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