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ibml Selects Colortrac Scanners

CHANTILLY, VA, Oct 8, 2021 – Colortrac announces its scanners were selected by ibml, an innovator in document scanners and intelligent information capture software. The Alabama-based company’s Business Process Outsourcing division chose the scanners for a multimillion-dollar conversion project. ibml required Colortrac’s high-production scanners for the project’s demands, but also for any scanning task for years to come.

ibml selected eight SmartLF SC 42-inch Colortrac scanners, as recommended by CA-based Paradigm Imaging Group. The multimillion-dollar conversion project had a tight deadline, and the scanners were in production around the clock.

“Many all-inclusive digital transformation projects have large format scanning needs with very stringent turnaround times. Some projects are a year or more, while others are just a few weeks. Simply put, without the Colortrac scanners added to our processing capabilities and imaging workflow, we would not have been able to complete the project effectively for our customers and profitably for ibml,” comments Erik Thimaras, director of conversion services, ibml.

Colortrac large format scanners enabled our company to quickly ramp up to accomplish multimillion-dollar high-volume document conversions while meeting — and exceeding — client requirements for turnaround and quality expectations,” Thimaras continues. “The scanners have proven to be reliable, durable, fast, accurate, and user-friendly. The TWAIN driver option integrates nicely with ibml Capture Suite software, allowing us to integrate the special documents into our scanning workflow along with our ibml FUSiON Scanners.

ibml’s Business Process Outsourcing division provides remittance processinghealthcare revenue cycle managementdisaster recovery document imaging, and general scanning and rescanning services. This includes indexing, data capture, back-file conversion, image and data archiving, conversion of film-based technology to digital format, and media destruction.

ibml uses its intelligent information capture software, ibml Capture Suite, to automate the processing of virtually any document, in any size, including specialty items such as books, engineering drawings, and ledgers.

“Accuracy, high quality, dependability, and speed are paramount for a service bureau. Our Colortrac scanners run five days a week, 8 to 16 hours a day. Year after year, the scanners handle the workload well,” Thimaras says.

“Our workflow consists of both large format jobs and projects that are mostly letter-size but have some oversized documents mixed in. We can use a combination of the Colortrac scanners and ibml scanners to process occasional large format documents in a collection. Thanks to the Colortrac scanners, we can accomplish these types of projects seamlessly and in a very cost-effective manner,” Thimaras adds.

About ibml

Based in Birmingham, Alabama with more than 250 employees worldwide, ibml is a leader in high-volume, intelligent capture automation. The company engineers, manufactures, and sells world-class equipment and software to help the world’s largest enterprises — in banking, finance, government entities, insurance, healthcare, telecoms and utilities — to extract actionable data and capture insights from hardcopy documents, and expedite critical decision-making.

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About Colortrac

Founded in 1989, Colortrac started by developing large format scanning solutions and quickly earned a reputation for value that led to the company winning the coveted Queen’s Awards for enterprise and export. Today, Colortrac serves the entire large format document scanning market with a portfolio of no-nonsense scanning solutions. Colortrac has more than 80 distributors in over 90 countries and is also an OEM supplier. The company is dedicated to making scanners that get the job done to high standards at a competitive price.

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Canon Launches imagePROGRAF GP Series

MELVILLE, NY, Sep 29, 2021 – Canon USA, Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, continues to bring new and exciting innovations to large-format printing. Newly launched is the imagePROGRAF GP Series, the world’s first* aqueous inkjet models to include Fluorescent Pink ink. Comprised of the 24-inch imagePROGRAF GP-2000, 44-inch imagePROGRAF GP-4000, 24-inch imagePROGRAF GP-200 and 36-inch imagePROGRAF GP-300, this series produces vivid neon colors for high value added output and graphics that will captivate consumer’s attention and may help to increase print business opportunities.

“Radiant Infusion”, a unique Canon technology, layers the Fluorescent Pink ink with other inks on the paper surface during printing, to create bright and soft color reproduction. This allows for the printing of high color graphics that support the expansion of a business’s printing capabilities. The Fluorescent Pink ink can also be used to print in specific areas such as text and objects to enable fluorescent color expression that makes those areas stand out. The user also has the option to print with or without the fluorescent ink completely. These GP Series inks can replicate the colors that represent one’s corporate brand that can be difficult to reproduce on a conventional inkjet printer. The Radiant Infusion technology is also integrated into PosterArtist Lite software to allow users to create high impact posters easily.

“We are proud to announce that the imagePROGRAF GP Series has obtained the world’s first “PANTONE Calibrated”1,2 license for the PANTONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE Coated3 containing the highly demanded fluorescent and pastel colors,” said Iain Pike, director of licensing and business development, Pantone/X-Rite. “Canon has also acquired PANTONE Calibrated licensing with two Pantone publications which expands the choice of color specification and helps ensure output results match the exact color viewed in the Solid Coated Guide by the designer.”

These devices allow the consumer to replicate high impact graphic posters, wall art and custom pop art that are ideal for the Millennial and Gen Z populations. These audiences, more than ever before, are purchasing items with vivid neon and fluorescent colors that can be seen on these personalized posters.

“We are proud to deliver on our commitment to develop pioneering solutions that answer the demands of the industry and therefore increase business potential for Canon customers,” said Shinichi Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon USA, Inc. “Today Canon is excited to introduce the imagePROGRAF GP Series, the world’s first aqueous inkjet models to include a fluorescent color. This series was built with the widest color gamut of any imagePROGRAF in history to easily produce vibrant, eye catching output.”

The imagePROGRAF GP-2000/4000 models have a 10-Color pigment-based plus Fluorescent Pink ink set, which includes Green, Orange, Red, Violet, Matte Black, Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Gray colors. This ink combination helps expand the range of color reproduction to achieve the largest color gamut in the history of the imagePROGRAF line-up. The GP-2000/4000 models achieve 99% coverage*4 of “PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated” and 97% coverage of “PANTONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE coated3. The GP-2000/4000 come equipped with a built-in multi-sensor which helps enable easy and economical color calibration for consistent color reproduction from print to print, as well as from printer to printer. In addition, these models are equipped with Intelligent Media Handling, which allows the operator to place the roll in the machine and the printer will automatically load the paper and detect media length, width and type. An optional Multifunction Roll System is available for these devises, which also utilizes Canon’s intelligent media handling. This is a versatile media handling solution system that enables either a second roll of media to be loaded in the printer, or the unit can be configured as a bi-directional media Take-up unit. Features such as these and the Radiant Infusion technology make these devices ideal for print-for-pay, design offices, proofing and signage markets.

The imagePROGRAF GP-200/300 printers have a 5-Color pigment based plus Fluorescent Pink ink set, which includes Matte Black, Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow colors. These printers support Radiant Infusion for in-house production of large format prints with increased appeal and visibility in various industries such as retail stores, restaurants, government offices, schools and general offices. The compact design of these printers allow them to easily fit in the small confinements of a classroom or company office without taking up too much valuable work space. For added convenience, all operator related tasks can be performed from the front of the printer allowing for the machine to be flush against the wall, ideal for locations with limited space.

Bundled with PosterArtist Lite, Canon’s poster creation software, users are able to create posters in 4 easy steps with included images and templates. The software includes new templates that allow you to create eye-popping, colorful images and posters in-house with ease. Adding even more value to this included software, Canon has partnered with photo stock companies (Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels) to offer even more of an extensive array of images that can be easily incorporated into your custom poster design. This software has been updated to support Radiant Infusion technology; “Vivid mode” helps make the entire image vibrant as well as “Spot mode” that prints fluorescent ink in specific areas to make those areas stand out.

The new GP Series printers also have available as standard, a wide variety of creative and workflow software to help increase the productivity and efficiency of large-format printing environments. These software features include Direct Print Plus, Accounting Manager, Device Management Console and much more.

Leading RIPvendors in designing, proofing output, print services for large format printers, such as Caldera, CGS, EFI, Eisfeld, ONYX, Colorbyte and SAi are preparing RIPs that support the GP-4000/2000 models. Users can use software RIPs for any purpose without changing their familiar output workflow.


The imagePROGRAF GP Series will be available to purchase on October 1 with plans to begin shipments in November 2021.

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About Canon USA, Inc.

Canon USA, Inc., is a leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions to the United States and to Latin America and the Caribbean markets. With approximately $30.4 billion in global revenue, its parent company, Canon Inc. (NYSE:CAJ), ranks third overall in US patents granted in 2020 and is one of Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies in 2020. Canon USA is dedicated to its Kyosei philosophy of social and environmental responsibility.

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†Based on weekly patent counts issued by United States Patent and Trademark Office.

* In major aqueous pigment large-format inkjet printer manufactures (excluding sublimation transfer systems). As of 09/27/2021, the day before announcement). (Canon research)

1 As of September 27, 2021, according to professional services performed by Pantone under License Agreement between Canon, Inc. and Pantone LLC.

2  PANTONE is a trademark or registered trademark of Pantone LLC in the United States and/or other countries.

3 PATONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE Coated color gamut coverage rate is 97% for GP-4000 / GP-2000 when using Photo Paper Pro Premium Platinum with imagePROGRAF printer driver at [Poster/Photo (Fluorescent)] [Highest] (600dpi) and 85% for GP-300 / GP-200 when using Premium Semi-Glossy Paper 2 with imagePROGRAF printer driver at [Poster/Photo (Fluorescent)] [High] (600dpi).

4  PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated color gamut coverage rate of GP-300 / GP-200 is 94% when using Premium Semi-Glossy Paper 2 with imagePROGRAF printer driver at [Poster/Photo (Fluorescent)] [High] (600dpi).

5 Software that converts data in a page description language, such as PostScript, into a bitmap format that matches the resolution of the printer. RIP stands for Raster Image Processor.

Artec 3D Launches Artec Studio 16

SANTA CLARA, CA, Sep 20, 2021 – Artec 3D, a world-renowned developer and manufacturer of professional 3D hardware and software, announces the availability of Artec Studio 16 (AS16), the newest iteration of its award-winning 3D scanning software, and Artec Cloud, a collaborative platform that allows users to access, view, comment on, and process 3D scan data online. The integration of AS16 and Artec Cloud streamlines 3D project management. Users can upload and share 3D data with peers, leave comments, send photos, and have full conversations. With Artec Cloud, users can also process 3D scans in their browser from any location and from any computer, without being constrained by the technical limitations of their devices.

“Thanks to our major software releases, every year our professional 3D scanners are becoming faster and more powerful and therefore are capturing more data than ever,” said Artyom Yukhin, President and CEO of Artec 3D. “Our development of industry-leading software solutions and AI-powered algorithms is critical for enabling the 3D scanning industry to reach new heights. The release of Artec Studio 16 and Artec Cloud equips users with unprecedented collaboration opportunities, flexible workflows, faster 3D data processing, and numerous feature-rich tools to meet any need.”

New Features for Inspection: Scan-to-CAD Now 8x Faster

Components and products can be inspected right in AS16 and via a seamless Control X integration. An uninterrupted scan-to-inspection workflow allows users to finish a scan, inspect a mesh, or run inspection in CX from Artec Studio. Users can even conduct batch CX inspections. In Artec Studio’s own inspection tools, scan-to-CAD alignment is 8x faster, and distance mapping measurement calculations on complex CAD models are generated 70% faster. When working with primitives, users can now force constraints to further optimize quality inspection results. Precise point-to-plane measurement of perpendicular distances can be conducted with a few clicks, making it easy to calculate precise thicknesses or define external dimensions.

New Scan-to-CAD Tools for Reverse Engineering

Tailored freeform primitives enable users to create custom-fitting primitives for curvilinear surfaces. Constraints ensure that primitives fit to your scan will snap into place and be ready for export – which can be done directly to SOLIDWORKS, without a plug-in. AS16 also features CAD-perfect sections from constructed planes, and a new torus primitive has been added for reverse engineering ring-shaped objects.

AI-Powered HD Mode Enhancements: Acquire HD Data 2x Faster

Artec 3D’s neural network-based HD Mode for Eva and Leo handheld 3D scanners has been greatly enhanced in AS16. HD projects can now be reconstructed nearly 2x faster, and the size of HD projects are nearly 20 percent smaller. Scan data can also be stored and processed at a later time, or on a stronger computer, if needed. New encrypted file formats let users export and store high-def data from Leo onto an SD card.

Photorealistic Texture for CGI: Combining Scan & Photogrammetry Data for the Best of Both Worlds

AS16 allows users to combine scan data with photos for creating high-accuracy models with photorealistic texture. Photos taken with a professional camera, or even from a mobile phone, can be uploaded into Artec Studio, and users can easily build and map texture onto the mesh captured with an Artec Leo, Eva, or Spider. The alignment by scale algorithm allows users to match the arbitrary scale of a model created with photogrammetry to the real scale of a model captured with an Artec 3D scanner by checking a box and aligning three points.

Boosted Speed & Ease of Use

Projects load at least 10x faster in AS16, bringing down the loading average for a project to just 10 seconds. Users also no longer need to wait for scans to be fully loaded before working with the data. Project progress is kept safe with automatic saving, providing peace of mind to users. Smart RAM optimizer automatically loads essential data and unloads data that isn’t being used, creating a faster, smoother workflow.

About Artec 3D

Artec 3D is an international company, headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in the United States (Santa Clara, California), China (Shanghai) and Russia (Moscow). Artec 3D develops and produces innovative 3D solutions and products. Artec has a team of professional experts in the collection and processing of 3D surfaces as well as biometric facial recognition. Artec 3D’s products and services can be used in many industries, such as in engineering, medicine, media and design, entertainment, fashion, historic preservation, security technology and many more.

Roland DGA Launches VersaUV LEC2 S-Series UV Flatbed Printers

IRVINE, CA, Sep 16, 2021 – Roland DGA has announced the launch of its new VersaUV LEC2 S-Series printers, advanced UV flatbeds uniquely designed to maximize direct-to-object printing options for users and deliver unsurpassed graphic results. Available in two flatbed sizes (64-inch and 30 inch widths), the LEC2 S-Series printers offer print providers and manufacturers the best of both worlds – direct to product customization, plus direct printing on flexible and rigid materials that allows for an extensive range of merchandising, packaging, sign, and display application opportunities.The LEC2 S-Series printers are ideal for users seeking an on-demand customization printing solution that complements their current capabilities for increased productivity and profitability. They combine superb imaging with outstanding versatility and production, allowing users to quickly turn around traditional print jobs and customize a vast array of products and merchandise with vibrant, detailed graphics.

The LEC2 S-Series offers machine options that reflect the products and types of media users want to print on. In addition to the available 64-inch and 30-inch widths, Roland DG offers two different carriage sizes and four different bed sizes to choose from, including a full-sized model that prints on full-boards. All LEC2 S-Series printers boast up to 7.87 inches of height clearance and are sturdy enough to support up to 2,373 pounds. This makes the LEC2 S-Series unbeatable for wide range of range of applications, including product personalization, package prototyping and short runs, tradeshow and retail signage, POP displays, interior décor, and printing onto panels, sheets, tables and heavy boards.

“Our VersaUV LEC2 S-Series printers will appeal to signmakers, personalization houses, industrial printers, and packaging experts looking for differentiated profit opportunities, shorter time-to-market capability, and cost savings,” said Roland DGA’s UV printer product manager, Jay Roberts. “They’re perfect for existing users of Roland DG LEF benchtop UV printers, or as an upgrade for existing roll-to-toll printer users, businesses looking to enter the world of UV printing, or operations with more industrial scale requirements. The versatility of configurations enables a range of exciting applications that offer increased profit margins and new business opportunities – both critical to success in today’s competitive print market.”

Each LEC2 S-Series model is built to take full advantage of Roland DG’s specially formulated, GREENGUARD Gold certified, wide-gamut ECO-UV inks. Users can choose from eight different ink configurations to suit their specific quality, media and finishing needs, including dual CMYK for increased productivity, or CMYK with optional Red, Orange, White, Gloss and Primer. White and Gloss specialty inks make it easy to incorporate stunning dimensional and textural effects directly onto a vast array of substrates and objects, while the onboard Primer allows for improved adhesion and media compatibility.

A True Rich Color preset within the bundled VersaWorks 6 RIP software works hand-in-glove with the new Orange and Red ECO-UV 5 ink options to widen the color gamut, open up new creative opportunities, and increase color-matching accuracy. In addition to the new Orange and Red process colors, specific Pantone and DIC colors can now be achieved, making the reproduction of specific company brand colors easier than ever.

LEC2 S-Series printers are equipped with cutting-edge features that optimize overall image quality, performance and ease of use. For maximum productivity, LEC2 S-Series flatbeds offer an intuitive Distance Print Mode that maximizes print consistency on objects that are flat, irregular or curved. Smooth, trouble-free operation is further ensured by a “Reverse Blow” setting that removes material from the bed for clean, efficient production.

Every LEC2 S-Series printer also has several advanced safety features. A separate control tower with touch panel controls allows for the creation of a safe operator area. An emergency stop perimeter around the base (and on the side of the device) safeguards those operating the printer, even in the busiest of production environments. In addition, each model is equipped with a signal beacon with variable alerts that clearly highlights the printer status.

The VersaWorks 6 software that comes standard with LEC2 S-Series devices is Roland DG’s most powerful and intuitive RIP to date. It boasts a Harlequin RIP dual core engine with 64-bit native processing for enhanced speed and file handling, a simple drag-and-drop interface, nesting, cropping and tiling features, a special Color Plate Generation function that allows you to automatically generate White, Gloss, and Primer layers directly in the RIP, variable data printing, and much more.

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About Roland DGA Corp.

Roland DGA Corp. serves North and South America as the marketing, sales, distribution and service arm for Roland DG Corporation. Founded in 1981 and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Roland DG of Hamamatsu, Japan is a worldwide leader in wide-format inkjet printers for the sign, apparel, textile, personalization and vehicle graphics markets; engravers for awards, giftware and ADA signage; photo impact printers for direct part marking; and 3D printers and CNC milling machines for the dental CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping, part manufacturing and medical industries.

NVIDIA Q2 Revenue Up 15% to $6.51B with $2.4B Profit

SANTA CLARA, CA, Aug 19, 2021 – NVIDIA reported record revenue for the second quarter ended August 1, 2021, of $6507M compared with $5661M for the first quarter ended May 2, 2021. Net income was $2374M.

Comparative analysis based on NVIDIA’s financial results in the last 12 quarters (Result source NVIDIA website)

Comparative analysis based on NVIDIA’s financial results in the last 12 quarters (Result source NVIDIA website)

“NVIDIA’s pioneering work in accelerated computing continues to advance graphics, scientific computing and AI,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA.

“Enabled by the NVIDIA platform, developers are creating the most impactful technologies of our time – from natural language understanding and recommender systems, to autonomous vehicles and logistic centers, to digital biology and climate science, to metaverse worlds that obey the laws of physics.

“This quarter, we launched NVIDIA Base Command and Fleet Command to develop, deploy, scale and orchestrate the AI workloads that run on the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite. With our new enterprise software, wide range of NVIDIA-powered systems and global network of system and integration partners, we can accelerate the world’s largest industries racing to benefit from the transformative power of AI.

“We are thrilled to have launched NVIDIA Omniverse, a simulation platform nearly five years in the making that runs physically realistic virtual worlds and connects to other digital platforms. We imagine engineers, designers and even autonomous machines connecting to Omniverse to create digital twins and industrial metaverses,” he said.

A complete chart of the financial results is available here.


NVIDIA’s invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market and has redefined modern computer graphics, high performance computing and artificial intelligence. The company’s pioneering work in accelerated computing and AI is reshaping trillion-dollar industries, such as transportation, healthcare and manufacturing, and fueling the growth of many others.

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